« I have another new idea. Combining the’Star Power Condensation’ with Thunder Fist may make Lei Fist stronger. »

Fang Yuan couldn’t wait to continue the experiment.

« What new idea? »

Han Youwei wanted to know how « Star Force Condensation » could be combined with Star Force martial arts.

« The thunder fist relies on the star power to burst into the arm, making a very strong explosive punch. I was thinking, since the star force can control the star force on the surface of the body, can the star force burst out of the arm? « 

Fang Yuan said his thoughts while thinking.

From the point of view of Leiquan’s force-generating skills, it should be possible.

The limit of Thunder Fist is one hundred and eight star power bursts, and it is very difficult to train to 108 star power.

Fang Yuan had only trained thirty-six star power thunder fists.

The reason why the limit of Thunder Fist is 108 star power is because there are so many meridians in a person’s arm. The 108 star power has basically used all the meridians of the arm.

Therefore, it is impossible for normal humans to break this upper limit.

However, if the star power can be condensed in the body, the star power can be burst out of the body, and the thunder fist can be thrown, then it is equivalent to no limit on the number of star power.

After listening to Fang Yuans thoughts, Han Youwei nodded and said, « It should be possible. In fact, my family has developed the application of this aspect. Star-powered arrows are one kind of arrows. Very strong. »

She thought for a moment and offered to offer: « However, I have never seen your idea of combining boxing. Come and try it. »

« Now? Can you block it? » Fang Yuan was not sure whether she could defend it.

« I didn’t use the strongest defense method just now. It’s okay, just come. »

Han Youwei said, crossing her hands in front of her, once again condensing the star power into a battle armor, creating a protective layer like a star power shield on both hands.

« Then I will come. »

Fang Yuan raised his right fist, condensed the star power on the surface of the body, then built a star power vein outside the body, and blasted out with a punch.


At the first attempt, the power was not great.

However, Fang Yuan was very pleasantly surprised.

Although the power of the first attempt was not great, it has been proved that it is indeed possible to strike a thunder punch by building a star power network outside the body.

Fang Yuan continued to try, constructing a star power network outside his body, and performing thunder fist.

And in the process of trying, constantly modify the structure of the star force to enhance the power of punching

In the fifth attempt, it was already able to play the same power as the prototype Thunder Fist.

Fang Yuan did not stop and continued to try.

At the ninth attempt, the power was 30% higher than the prototype Thunder Fist.

Fang Yuan continued to practice, constantly changing the star power veins on his body surface, looking for a more powerful star power structure.

While modifying the star power context, it also changed the shape of the star power.

Sometimes it condenses into the image of a tiger.

A punch out of the tiger shadow, the tiger roared into the mountains and forests, with fierceness.

Sometimes it condenses into a dragon shape.

A punch made a dragon-shaped fist, and the fist burst, like a roar of an angry dragon, with great momentum.

Han Youwei resisted again and again, and she was shocked by the continuous changes in the form of Thunder Fist.

She had a feeling that Fang Yuan was creating a new kind of star power martial arts.


Another punch was blasted, and Han Youwei exclaimed. She was fisted and flew out, rolled a few times in the air before landing, then her chest rose and fell, panting slightly.

Fang Yuan reacted when she saw her panting, and said embarrassedly: « I was too fascinated just now and didn’t care about your feelings. Did you fight too hard? »

Han Youwei exhaled and said, « Fortunately, I am fine. Also, I have gained a lot from the process of creating star power martial arts. »

Fang Yuan was also very satisfied with the brand new « Thunder Fist » he just played.

Maybe it can’t be called Thunder Fist anymore, it should be regarded as a kind of star power martial arts based on Thunder Fist.

However, this kind of star force martial arts is just a rudiment, not yet fully developed, and needs to be gradually improved in the future.

Fang Yuan looked at his right fist, his eyes bursting with hot gaze.

This new thunder fist is 30% more powerful than the original thunder fist, which is very fierce.

If there are any shortcomings, it is this kind of new thunder boxing, which needs the support of « Star Force Condensation » to be used.

Because, if there is no « star force condensed form », the star force will be released into the body, it will immediately overflow into the air and disappear.

It takes a « star force condensed form » to be able to use the star force to build a star power vein outside the body.

It’s almost two o’clock in the afternoon.

The door of the training room was pushed open, and Ye Zheyu probed in and said: « The instructor has just come to inform. Five minutes later, we will gather in the preparation hall. The finals of the actual combat assessment will begin immediately. »

« Okay, let’s go down here. »

Fang Yuan and Han Youwei began to pack their things, drank the energy drinks they had not finished, and then went downstairs to the preparation hall together.

In the preparation hall.

The five members of Fang Yuan’s team arrived, waiting for the start of the final.

However, the people from William Lee have not yet arrived.

There are still five minutes before the final.

Fang Yuan took advantage of this time to take a look at his property panel.

I was surprised to find that his physique improved by 1 point, reaching 18 points.

When both strength and agility exceed the upper limit, it can indeed speed up the physical exercise.

In addition, anger points are also quite rewarding.

In the morning group match, he scored 292 points and eliminated a total of 146 people.

Although a few surrendered actively, most of them were real.

When these people were eliminated, most of them were very upset, especially those teams that wanted to compete for the championship, they were even more angry.

Therefore, the morning group stage absorbed 680 anger points, and for every person eliminated, almost 5 anger points can be absorbed.

Adding the original 240 anger points, the total anger points reached 920 points.

Now that both strength and agility have exploded, and in the previous group stage, when using « Advanced Agility Enhancement (Mimicry, it was obvious that the physique could not withstand such high agility attributes.

If you continue to increase agility, it is estimated that the body will really be unable to bear it.

Now his physique has reached 18 points, almost reaching the limit of Lv.1.

You can start to gain physique.

After you improve your physique, you can continue to add strength and agility, which complement each other and are perfect.

After Fang Yuan thought about it carefully, he consumed 300 anger points and increased his physique to 21 points.

Then consume 300 rage points and increase the strength to 32 points.

Then consume 100 anger points and increase the agility to 36 points.

Finally, leave 220 anger points in case of emergency.

After adding points, Fang Yuans attributes become: Strength 32, Agility 36, Physical 21, Spirit 20

In the preparation hall.

The students in 20 classes were waiting to watch the battle in the preparation hall, discussing in small groups.

It was almost two o’clock before the William Lee team arrived late and walked into the preparation hall.

The two teams made eye contact and showed their sharp edges, and there seemed to be a raging war in the hall.