Two o’clock in the afternoon.

Both finalists have already arrived.

Wei Hailong began to announce the rules of the final: « The venue used in the final is Group A. Both teams can use the weapons and equipment purchased with points in the morning, but the weapons and equipment seized from other teams during the group match cannot be used.

« In addition, you can use the points obtained in the group stage to buy weapons and equipment

« The final rule is to capture the flag. In the underground cavern in the center of the battlefield, there is a flag. The team that gets the flag and guards it until the end of the game wins.

« The total time of the game is 45 minutes. If one team is eliminated, the game will end early.

« But there is one thing to pay special attention to. In the underground cave, there is a fissure star beast, which is very dangerous. Therefore, there may be casualties in the finals. When in danger, try to protect yourself and wait for rescue.

« Well, you can now go and use your points to buy weapons and equipment. The game will start in ten minutes, and you can now enter the arena from the left and right channels. »

After Wei Hailong announced the rules, he signaled the two sides to enter the field.

The five members of Fang Yuan’s team walked through the right-hand passage, came to the front of the equipment room, and began to consider what equipment to buy.

« This time the points are still sufficient. Try to buy a piece of equipment for everyone. You can mention what you want, but it may not be as your wish. »

« The focus is on a sniper rifle, should I buy it? » Eve asked the most critical question.

Fang Yuan looked at Ye Zheyu and asked, « How far can you be sure of this type of sniper rifle? »

« Eight hundred meters can hit the target, 500 meters above the 9th ring. » Ye Zheyu replied.

« Is it windy? » Fang Yuan asked more carefully.

« As long as it is not a strong wind, it’s okay. » Ye Zheyu was more confident about this.

Long-range sniping is not the same as short-range shooting.

The range of a pistol is usually fifty meters. At this distance, the impact of wind on the bullet is negligible.

However, sniping at a distance of 500 meters or even 800 meters has stricter environmental requirements.

Because the wind will blow the bullet away.

Although the wind has little effect on the bullet and the angle of deflection is very small, the distance is too far, even if it only deflects a small angle, when the bullet flies near the target, the error may reach tens of centimeters.

Therefore, a qualified sniper needs to grasp the impact of wind direction on bullets to minimize the impact.

Fang Yuan had never used a sniper rifle, and didn’t know much about it, so he chose to believe in Ye Zheyu, after all, he has a skill called gun mastery.

« Then what’s the shooting range in dense fog? » Fang Yuan continued to ask, and only then could tactics be arranged.

« If it is in the fog, as long as the eyes of the ghost can see it, it must be hit. » Ye Zheyu was very confident about this.

Fang Yuan thought for a moment, and he understood why he was so confident.

Because the movable distance of the ghost eye is 200 meters, and the visible distance in a foggy day is 30 meters.

In other words, with his ghost eyes, he can see the target up to 230 meters away.

A distance of 230 meters is a relatively short distance for a sniper.

At such a close distance, it can be said that it can be hit if you can see it.

« Well, let’s get a sniper rifle first. »

Fang Yuan handed the identity card to the equipment manager, first bought a sniper rifle, and handed it to Ye Zheyu to let him get familiar with it first.

« There are 92 points left, not counting a fraction, only 90 points are available, think about what you want to buy. » Fang Yuan looked at the other three teammates.

« Give the beef **** a shield first. This is the most important thing in armor. » Han Youwei suggested.

« Okay, then buy a shield. »

Fang Yuan took the explosion-proof shield from the equipment manager and handed it to the beef balls.

« This thing is dead and dead. »

The beef ball put the explosion-proof shield on the ground and put his chin on the shield, with an expression that he didn’t want to see the shield.

He doesn’t like shields, they are heavy and have no offensive power, and they have to carry them all the time, where there are guns for fun.

However, carrying an explosion-proof shield really feels safe.

« There are 70 points left, I think I will buy three pieces of armor and a cold weapon. You choose. » Give a more reasonable plan.

Han Youwei proactively said: « I don’t need armor, give me a bow. »

Her « Star Force Condensation » has very strong defensive power, and she really doesn’t need armor.

Fang Yuan took the compound bow and handed it to her.

The beef **** looked at the pistol in Fang Yuan’s holster and asked, « How about the original two pistols? How about one for me? »

He still wants to get a guy who can breathe fire, so that he feels more secure.

« not so good. »

Fang Yuan did not give him a pistol, but handed it to Ye Zheyu.

« He already has a sniper rifle, why does he need a pistol? I don’t have a weapon yet. » The beef ball was unhappy.

Eve reached out and patted the back of his head, and said, « What’s the use for you? In the fog, Ye Zheyu can hit 50 meters, how many meters can you hit? »

« But he has a sniper rifle. » The beef ball looked at the sniper rifle in Ye Zheyu’s hand with greedy eyes.

« You are responsible for blocking bullets. Why do you want a gun? »

Fang Yuan squeezed him hard, wanting to squeeze a little more anger.

Unexpectedly, this time the beef **** weren’t angry at all, there was no anger at all, just yelling.

Eve suggested: « The vote is done by a show of hands, and I agree to give Ye Zheyu a pistol. »

Swish, Fang Yuan, Han Youwei, and Eve raised their hands at the same time.

« Well, even if Ye Zheyu abstained, it would still be three to one. Do you have any comments? »

« No, you are big guys, you have the final say, I’m already lying down, please guys take me to pretend to take me to fly. » The beef ball grinned.

For the remaining 60 points, I bought three bullet-proof vests and gave them to Ye Zheyu, beef **** and Eve.

After buying weapons and equipment.

The team of five walked into the passage and came to the entrance.

As in the morning, there is a map of the entire battlefield on the wall next to the entrance.

The map of the battlefield of Group A is very different from that of Group B.

The battlefield of Group A is a valley terrain, which is also a square three kilometers long and wide. There are trees in the field, but it is not dense.

There is a small river in the middle that runs through the entire valley from west to east. There are many branches in the middle and it flows through most of the valley.

There are several peaks on the west side, but they are not tall. It is more suitable to say that they are hills.

« It is not the same as the map of Group B, which is not good for us. » Han Youwei was the first to express her opinion.

William Lee’s team in the morning group match was held in Group A, so they are familiar with the map.

« Indeed, but the small river flows through a relatively wide area, which is good for us to create fog. » Fang Yuan said the factors that are beneficial to his side, so that the team can feel more at ease.

At this time, there was a broadcast from the channel that the game was about to start: « The game will start in three minutes. »

« There are still three minutes, let’s arrange the tactics. » The four of them all looked at Fang Yuan, waiting for the tactics arrangement.

« The rule of the game this time is to capture the flag. The flag is in the underground cave in the middle of the field. There is a fissure star beast guarding it. According to William Lee’s character, I guess they will go directly to get the flag. »

Fang Yuan arranged tactics while analyzing: « So, let’s take this opportunity to create a foggy day. After the fog is up, we will go to war. »