The entrance door of the battlefield slowly opened.

The team of five rushed into the valley.

The place he entered was on the west side of the valley, Fang Yuan stretched out his hand and pointed to the north side and said: « According to the tactical arrangement just now, you go to the predetermined location in the north to create a foggy day. I will go and take a look at the opponent’s movement. »

« Be careful. » Han Youwei said concerned.

Fang Yuan made an OK gesture, then separated from the four and ran to the east.

The four of Han Youwei turned to the north and went to the predetermined location to protect Eve from atomizing the river and creating fog.

The trees growing in the valley are very tall.

The afternoon sunlight passes through the gaps in the leaves, casting mottled shadows on the ground.

Fang Yuan walked quickly under the shade of the trees. When approaching the central area, he slowed down and moved between the bunkers, paying attention to the movement in the distance.

According to the rules of the game, there is a flag in the cave in the center of the valley. If you get the flag and guard it until the end of the game, you can win.

According to the map, the underground cave in the center of the valley extends in all directions, with seven or eight entrances.

Fang Yuan moved very fast and found a cave entrance first and walked along the cave wall.

After the entrance of the cave extends diagonally downward for more than ten meters, it enters a very spacious underground cave.

This underground cave is thirty meters in diameter and ten meters high.

In the middle of the cave, a war flag was inserted.

This battle flag is the goal of contention.

Fang Yuan did not rush up to pick up the flag, because according to Wei Hailong’s previous statement, there was a fissure star beast guarding this cave.

The rift star beast is a very dangerous existence.

A powerful rift star beast can destroy an army with one head.

Of course, this fissure star beast in the cave is not that scary.

Since this fissure star beast in the cave is part of the actual combat assessment, it will not be so strong that the five-person team can’t handle it, but if you want to defeat this fissure star beast, the five-person team should work together.

Fang Yuan glanced around inside the cave, but didn’t find the fissure star beast.

The cave is 30 meters in diameter, and there are many large and small passages. I don’t know where this fissure star beast is hiding.

Most of the rift star beasts have powerful abilities, which are often much stronger than mutant creatures.

If this fissure star beast had invisible abilities, it would be very dangerous.

Fang Yuan immediately guided the star power into his eyes, scanned the underground cave, and did not find the fissure star beast, but saw several attribute panels appearing at the entrance of the cave on the east side.

Fang Yuan immediately hid in a hidden passage and observed in secret.

The five members of Li William’s team rushed into the cave directly regardless of where the fissure star beast was.

After seeing the battle flag, William Li stretched out his hand to point at the battle flag and said: « Pick up the flag, and then go to kill Fang Yuan’s group of weak scum. »

Wu Kui stepped forward, reaching out to draw the battle flag.

Just then.

A roar came from the nest on the upper level of the cave.

When everyone looked up, they saw a cracked star beast with amethyst scales growing on its surface, appearing in the upper hole.

This fissure star beast looks like a tiger or a lion. It is 3 meters long and 1.5 meters high. It has four claws on the ground and can reach the height of a person’s shoulders.

Amethyst scales grew on the surface of this fissure star beast, like clusters of crystals, reflecting faint fluorescence.

Fang Yuan recognized it at a glance, that this fissure star beast was the « crystal armor liger » mentioned in the textbook.

Under the ability exploration, I saw the attributes of this crystal armor liger.

Species: Crystalline Liger

Star power rating: Lv.3

Attributes: Strength 36, Agility 37, Body 37, Spirit 30

Super Features: Crystal Flare Claws

See this property panel.

Fang Yuan couldn’t help swallowing his saliva, this crystal armored liger beast was a bit exaggerated.

Just by looking at the attributes, no one of the two teams can get a claw against this crystal armored liger.

This crystal armor liger is not only high in strength and agility, but also close to the limit of Lv.3.

Moreover, according to the description in the textbook, the amethyst scale armor on the surface of the crystal armor liger is very hard, and ordinary firearms can’t wear it at all.

Even if the five people cooperated tacitly, it would take a long time to besiege it.


The crystal armor liger jumped from the upper lair and roared at the five Li William.

« The death beast is here, spread out, and solve this star beast according to the pre-arranged tactics. » William Li ordered.

The remaining four spread out into an offensive formation.

Wu Kui carried the shield to the forefront, provoking the crystal armor liger.


The crystal armor liger beast was furious, and patted Wu Kui with a paw.


The beast’s claws slapped on the shield, shaking Wu Kui back five or six steps.

Taking advantage of the gap between the crystal armor liger beast’s attack, the other three attacked at the same time.

The attacks of the three fell on the crystal armor liger at the same time, beating it roaring again and again.

The crystal armor liger was about to fight back, and Wu Kui raised his shield to greet him again, blocking its claws.

Immediately afterwards, the other three men seized the opportunity to attack again.

Although the trio attacked fiercely, the defensive power of the crystal armor liger was too high, and such an attack could not cause fatal damage to it.

« Captain, it’s too slow to fight like this. » Wu Kui was responsible for resisting the attack of the Crystal Armor Liger.

Although it could be blocked by a shield, the pressure was very heavy, and his arms were numbed by the claws of the crystal armor liger.

« It looks like you can’t handle this star beast alone. Get out of it. »

William Li said, igniting a ball of flame on his palm, and when he moved his body, he flew up, slapped his palm on the abdomen of the crystal armor liger.


The flame exploded, forming a raging flame that engulfed the crystal armor liger.


The crystal armored liger beast was engulfed by flames, roared angrily, immediately counterattacked, and grabbed Li William with a paw.

The agility of the crystal armor liger is as high as 37 points, and the attack speed is very fast.

Even William Lee, it is not easy to dodge.

However, he had prepared well and immediately retreated in Wu Kui’s direction.

Wu Kui reacted very quickly, and immediately raised his shield to meet him, blocking the claws of the crystal armor liger beast.


The sharp claws slapped on the explosion-proof shield, making a paw mark sunken.

Wu Kui was also shaken by Juli and flew out.

The other three team members immediately took the attack and cooperated with the siege of the Crystal Liger.

Five people and one beast, the more the fight gets more intense.

Fang Yuan checked the time, five minutes had passed.

Eve’s ability to atomize the weather should have worked, and the thick fog will soon spread.

The five members of Li William’s team played lively with the Crystal Liger. Depending on the situation, the battle could be resolved within five minutes at most.

Fang Yuan suddenly made a decision, walked out of the hiding place and walked towards Zhan Qi.

It was about to hit the battle flag.

Ye Mingfeng, the wind controller in the Li William team, found Fang Yuan and shouted: « Captain, someone has captured the flag! »

The other team members looked back at the same time and saw Fang Yuan smiling and waving at them.

« Play slowly, I’ll take the flag first, bye… » Fang Yuan pulled out the battle flag and turned and ran towards the entrance of the cave.

« Damn it! » The five members of the William Li team were furious.

They fought the Rift Star Beast to their deaths, but the flag was carried away. How could they not be angry?

Fang Yuan’s anger point began to increase by +30 and +30.

Originally, Fang Yuan planned to run off as soon as he got the flag, but he saw that his anger was surging, he immediately changed his mind and decided to harvest another wave of anger.