« What are you staring at me for? The star beast pounced on it, hit the star beast quickly. »

Fang Yuan pointed his finger at the furious crystal armored liger, reminding them not to be distracted.

William Li’s face was cold, and he ordered: « Kill him first! »

« What about the star beast? » Wu Kui was a little flustered.

« You block it first, I will solve this waste, and then come back to deal with it. » Li Weilian said, and Ye Mingfeng and other three team members surrounded Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan carried the battle flag and kept his distance from the four of them. At the same time, he grinned and said: « I suggest that you solve the star beast first, otherwise, if I join forces with the star beast, you will probably destroy the group. »

« Only you? » William Li’s face was full of contempt.

The strength and agility of this crystal armor liger are 36 points and 37 points respectively, which leads to the limit of Lv.3.

The players in William Lee’s team are all Lv.2.

For them, the Crystal Armor Liger is a BoSS, and it takes the five of them to work together to solve it.

In terms of attributes, Fang Yuan is also quite excessive, with strength of 32 and agility of 36, which is a match for the crystal armor liger.

If it weren’t for the star power level only Lv.1, it would also be a BoSS.

If this crystal armored liger can listen to him, Fang Yuan really wants to destroy Li William’s team here.

Of course, this is just a joke.

It is impossible for Star Beasts to join hands with humans.

William Li gave a cold snort, rushed out and rushed towards Fang Yuan at his limit speed.

Fang Yuan hooked the corner of his mouth, turned and ran away carrying the battle flag.

The speed of 36 points agility is not something that the Awakened with only 29 points can catch up.

William Li found that Fang Yuan’s speed was strangely fast, his eyes sank, and he activated the star trough ability « Fire Eagle Power », which increased his strength, agility, and spiritual attributes by 10%.

But after his agility increased, he still couldn’t chase the source, which made him even more angry.

On the other side, Wu Kui confronted the crystal armor liger alone, and was beaten to fly around, with dented paw prints on the shield.

He shouted sternly: « If this continues, I will be unable to stand it! »

William Li’s face became more and more ugly, pointed at Fang Yuan, and shouted: « Ye Mingfeng, go and stop him! »

Ye Mingfeng’s ability is « Wind Control », he raised his hand to activate the wind speed, and rushed forward, actually approaching Fang Yuan at a super high speed.

Fang Yuan was a little surprised, and looked back at his attributes.

He found that his agility had not improved, still 29 points, but his running speed was faster than his 36 agility.

After a little observation, Fang Yuan discovered why Liu was dying.

The opponent’s « Wind Control » ability cannot increase agility, but can increase movement speed.

Around his body, there was a strong wind blowing in the direction of his running, which increased his running speed by about 30%.

« Stop for me! No one can escape from my interception. » Ye Mingfeng continued to accelerate, faster and faster.

Fang Yuan was about to be caught up, but he was not in a hurry.

When the flag was captured just now, the five opponents were angered, and 150 anger points were gained. The total number of anger points reached 370.

I kept these anger points before to improve the much-needed attributes when needed.

Now is the time needed.

Expends 300 rage points and increases agility to 39 points.

The 39-point agility can no longer be described as a burst table. This is when Lv.1, the Lv.3 table was boosted.

Fang Yuan’s speed soared again, and then turned around to smile at Ye Mingfeng: « Tell you a secret, do you want to know? »

« Wh…what? » Ye Mingfeng didn’t understand why Fang Yuan said this suddenly.

Fang Yuan slowed down a bit, leaned close to his ear, and whispered: « Compared with me, you are the younger brother. »

Ye Mingfeng’s face turned dark, and he reached out to grab Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan suddenly speeded up, leaving him behind, exploding his lungs.

Rage point +30.

Fang Yuan was in a good mood when he saw the growing anger.

The speed of the two was too fast, and they threw Li William farther and farther away.

William Li looked cold, and ordered Zuo Anpeng, the gunman in the team: « Don’t chase him, use a gun to kill him! »

Zuo Anpeng immediately knelt on one knee, raised the sniper rifle, loaded it and opened the insurance, and wanted to target Fang Yuan.

However, in his sniper scope, only Ye Mingfeng was seen.

Fang Yuan was completely blocked by Ye Mingfeng, and he couldn’t take aim at all.

Moreover, after a few seconds delay, Fang Yuan had already run 600 meters away.

Although the range of a sniper rifle can reach 800 meters, it means hitting a stationary target, and hitting a moving target is another matter.

« No, you can only shoot Ye Mingfeng. » Zuo Anpeng reluctantly put down the sniper rifle.

the other side.

Wu Kui’s shouts became more and more violent.

« Wu Kui can’t stand it anymore! » Zuo Anpeng reminded.

« Then let him get out and stay in the cave for what? The flag has been taken away, what is the star beast doing? » William Li roared and ordered the team to continue chasing Fang Yuan.

Wu Kui ran out of the underground cave in a little embarrassment and escaped for more than a thousand meters before the crystal armor liger continued to chase him.

He has not had time to catch his breath.

William Li has led the team to continue chasing Fang Yuan, with a cold voice commanding: « Be ready to kill Fang Yuan at any time, as long as there is a chance, shoot directly! »

Fang Yuan took them to « shopping » in the valley. Seeing that the time was almost up, he stopped by the river and faced the five people.

« Run! Why didn’t you run? The training ground is so big, I see where you can go! » William Li hummed angrily.

Zuo Anpeng once again raised his gun to take aim.

Fang Yuan shook his hand and said, « Don’t take aim, you can’t hit it. »

« I’m afraid you don’t know what my power is. If other snipers have a range of 800 meters, then mine is 1200 meters! » Zuo Anpeng was very confident.

« Isn’t it the « Eagle Eye ». What’s the use? »

While speaking, the thick fog in the woods behind him spread over.

Fang Yuan was gradually enveloped in the mist, and grinned: « Shoot. If you can wipe the skin, I lose. »

Zuo Anpeng’s face turned dark, and the sniper scope was full of mist, and Fang Yuan’s position was no longer visible.

Fang Yuan gained 30 points of anger from Zuo Anpeng, and then said loudly, « I’ll take the flag, come in and get it if you want. If you don’t dare to come, then you just wait to lose. »

William Li’s face was ugly, and he coldly snorted: « Do you think you can hide in these mists without coming out? I’ll let you see what is absolute strength. »

As he said, he glanced at Ye Mingfeng and asked, « Are you ready? »

« I can do it anytime. » Ye Mingfeng nodded.

« Fang Yuan, open your eyes to see clearly! »

William Li said, raising his hand to ignite a flame.

The flames became more and more violent, rising continuously, gradually forming a cloud of fire.

Immediately afterwards, Ye Mingfeng raised his palm, aimed at Huoyun, shouted, and exploded with supernatural powers.

The surrounding world suddenly violent winds, blowing the flames into a fire tornado, rolling towards the misty woods.

This is the linkage of the two abilities of wind and fire. The fire tornado formed is extremely powerful and engulfed the entire misty forest in the blink of an eye.

The tall trees burned, blazing into the sky.

The whole forest seemed to be plunged into flame purgatory.