The actual combat assessment finals just started not long.

A Phaeton and an Audi Q7 drove into the gate of the D3 actual combat training ground.

Wang Hongjun got down from the Phaeton and greeted the old comrades to get off the car heartily: « Old guys, our old army commander has arrived in Donghai City and said that he wants to meet his former brothers. Let me call everyone here. »

A slightly rich middle-aged man got out of the Audi car behind and said: « This is too anxious. Say two days in advance, we are also ready to prepare. »

« There is nothing to prepare. The old army commander came here temporarily this time and will leave early tomorrow morning. It happened that the kid from the Lao Fang family had an actual combat assessment here, so I said that everyone should come over and watch the kid from the Lao Fang family play the game. . »

« The kid from the old Fang family is promising. » A group of old comrades-in-arms began to praise Fang Zhenguo.

Wang Hongjun opened the door of the back seat and asked, « Are my younger siblings motion sick? »

« It’s okay, the car drove steadily. » Li Shuhua waved her hand and got out of the car, letting out a breath.

« How is Xiaozhu? » Wang Hongjun looked at the little girl in the car again.

Fang Xiaozhu was very lively. He jumped out of the car and looked around: « I’m fine now. I never get motion sickness. Where is my brother? »

Fang Zhenguo was the last to get out of the car and greeted the old comrades in the car behind.

Although they are in the same city, everyone is rushing for life, and these old comrades in the landing combat troops rarely have the opportunity to get together.

This time it was their veteran army commander, General Luo, who went to Donghai City.

Wang Hongjun took this opportunity to invite everyone to come over and meet the old army commander before, and this brought everyone together.

Fang Zhenguo originally planned to come alone, but when he heard that his son was performing an assessment here, he had entered the finals, and his daughter clamored to come and cheer for his brother, so the whole family came.

Wei Hailong came out of the preparation hall, stood at attention and saluted Wang Hongjun and the others, then took them to the top floor of the main building, and saw the old army commander General Luode.

A total of seven old comrades came here this time.

Seven men entered the command room and stood at attention and saluted the old army commander.

Time is not forgiving, everyone is blessed, but the momentum is still there, and it is still as straight as loose when standing at attention and saluting.

Admiral Rod stepped forward, pressed his hand, and said, « It’s great! Over the past so many years, I have been heroic. Let go of your hand, don’t be so restrained. »

Fang Zhenguo is indeed a little cautious, because among so many people, he is the only one who hides secrets.

Moreover, he felt more nervous when he saw General Rod.

Because, when performing the Triangular Star Core mission, after the team was in distress, the old captain once told him and Lao Xiao that there was an inner ghost in that mission and it was of a very high level.

At that time, when the two teams on the mission were attacked by the Spear of God, they could not contact the command center on the destroyer behind.

And this general Rod was on the destroyer.

At that time, he was not a general, but a school.

There were three school-level destroyers on the destroyer at that time, and it was impossible to determine who was the inner ghost.

Now, Fang Zhenguo became the only one who knew the secret of the year.

Seeing the old army commander again, Fang Zhen has mixed feelings in his country.

He respected the old army commander very much, and was willing to believe that the old army commander was not a ghost, but he did not dare to gamble, because losing the gamble would be dangerous for the whole family.

« Sit down. »

Admiral Rod let his former tribe take the seat, glanced around, finally set his eyes on Fang Zhenguo, and praised: « The son is well trained. »

Fang Zhenguo hurriedly said politely: « Everywhere is the cultivation of the country. »

« Where is my brother? Uncle Wang said that I could see my brother, so I came. » Fang Xiaozhu raised his head and asked.

Admiral Rod showed a kind smile, pointed his finger at the floor-to-ceiling window, and said, « Play over there. »

Fang Xiaozhu ran over, leaned on the floor glass, and looked out.

Li Shuhua hurriedly followed, worried that her daughter would run around and lose courtesy.

« There is a fire over there, brother will not be inside, right? »

Fang Xiaozhu pointed to the D3 battlefield. In the direction she was pointing, a tornado of fire rose into the sky, engulfing a large area of woods.

Li Shuhua saw the terrifying power of the fire tornado and was inevitably worried. He turned around and asked, « It’s just an assessment. Why is it so intense? »

Wei Hailong explained: « Don’t worry. The safety measures of the D3 actual combat training ground are guaranteed. »

« When can I see my brother? » Fang Xiaozhu asked again.

Wei Hailong pointed to 125 screens on the wall, and replied, « It will appear on these screens later. »

There are 125 screens on the wall, some of which are fixed lenses and some are aerial cameras.

Because of the fog in the woods, the situation in the fog is not photographed.

Only the aerial camera with the infrared heat sensing mode activated can capture the thermal image

On the thermal screen, only a few red and yellow figures can be seen, and they are also affected by the high temperature of the fire tornado, and it is difficult to tell who is who.

William Lee’s team is out of the fog.

Therefore, five people in his team can be seen on the screen.

Among this group of old comrades, one who knew William Li said aloud: « Isn’t this the son of Dingjian Group? I heard that the family is very energetic. »

« Dingjian Group is indeed very powerful. I heard that it is one of the best technology groups in Donghai City. » Another complimented.

When Wang Hongjun saw his old comrades praising William Lees family background, he said aloud: « His family started as an agent of Davis Technology in the Asia-Pacific region, and lacks some scientific research. Fang Yuan is not on his team, so he should be the same. Your opponent in this assessment, right? »

When several old comrades in arms heard this, they suddenly reacted.

The son of an old comrade-in-arms is playing, of course he must support.

As a result, a group of people began to pick Li William’s fault again.

« Lao Fang, don’t be nervous, but I listened to Lao Wang. Your son is very powerful, and he has learned all the thunder boxing he used as the treasure of the town hall. »

« Where and where, that brat is lucky… » Fang Zhenguo quickly bowed his hands politely.

In the battlefield.

As soon as Fang Yuan disappeared into the mist, the fire tornado swallowed it down, turning the woods into a sea of fire.

The two abilities of wind and fire are combined to increase their power by more than one level.

Fang Yuan quickly speeded up and joined the team. After seeing the four Han Youwei, he hurriedly shouted, « Run, it’s on fire. »

The five members of the team immediately moved along the river, out of the flame envelope.

However, after the forest catches fire, William Lee does not need to continue to release the flames, and the fire will continue to spread to the surrounding trees.

Moreover, the fire will dry the water vapor, and after the dense fog meets the flame, it will be completely dispersed in no time.

The beef **** ran behind panting and asked strangely: « Fang Yuan, why are you carrying this thing? Aren’t you tired? »

Fang Yuan reacted and threw the battle flag to the beef balls: « You carry it. »

The beef **** didn’t expect to ask more, instead they had to carry things, rolled his eyes and said: « Can’t you throw it away? »

« You can throw it away. Anyway, whoever gets the flag wins, you throw it away. » Fang Yuan replied.

The beef **** widened his eyes and asked, « Is this flag the target to be fought for? »

The other three also showed shocked expressions: « Captain, did you get the banner alone? »

« The five fools played lively with the BOSS, and there was no time to draw the flag, so I would help them. » Fang Yuan replied in a relaxed tone.

The four looked at each other. Although Fang Yuan said it was simple, it was definitely not easy for them to think of carrying the flag back under the nose of William Li’s super team.