« How did you carry the flag back? This is unscientific, how could the group of monsters like William Lee let you go. » The beef ball thought that this flag would determine the final result, but was reluctant to lose it.

« As long as you run faster than them, it’s a simple matter. » Fang Yuan put on an expression of « a piece of cake ».

« Nice! My admiration for you is like a surging river, uninterrupted, and like the Yellow River overflowing, it is out of control. » Beef **** gave a thumbs up.

Ye Zheyu frowned and was a little puzzled: « Captain, I remember Ye Mingfeng’s ability is the’Wind Controller’. I have seen his speed, which is very exaggerated. Are you faster than him? »

He is in the same class as William Li and Ye Mingfeng, so he knows Ye Mingfeng’s information better.

« It’s okay. His speed is indeed very fast, like a gust of wind. I was shocked by him at the time. I didn’t expect that someone could eat my exhaust gas and had to give him a compliment. » Fang Yuan said. Give a thumbs up.

The four of them heard Fang Yuan praising Ye Mingfeng at first, but at the end they suddenly turned around and couldn’t help but roll their eyes.

Ye Zheyu was even more puzzled: « But, I remember that Ye Mingfeng’s agility has reached the limit of Lv.2, it should be 29 points, plus the speed of the wind controller… Captain, your speed is really faster than him. ? »

The beef **** also reacted immediately and asked: « Yes. Fang Yuan, aren’t you Lv.1? How could the speed be faster than Ye Mingfeng? »

Fang Yuan put on a serious expression and said, « I may be the strongest Lv.1 ever. »

The appearance of Lv.1 and the attributes of Lv.3 are simply scams.

« Why do I feel like you are pretending to be forced? » The beef ball was tired from carrying the flag and changed one shoulder.

« Captain, are you really that strong? »

Ye Zheyu was in the first class, so he was not familiar with Fang Yuan before. Everything about Fang Yuan was heard from others.

Eve sucked a lollipop and said: « In the morning, the captain singled out Qiao Zeyu and their team’s gunner. Is it strong or weak? Don’t you have any points in your heart? »

« It’s over, won’t my martial arts class grades go backwards? » Niu Wan suddenly thought of this question, showing an expression of grief and indignation.

« Who did you show this expression of grief and anger? It’s really grief and anger, but you are a little angry. » Fang Yuan couldn’t help kicking him.

The beef ball was kicked, but hippie smiled.

Just as several people were talking and laughing.

The flames behind him continued to raging.

The thick fog was washed away by the fire tornado and then dissipated.

Eve was a little lost, and said: « If this goes on, I am completely useless. »

Her ability is to create a foggy sky, and now the fog is completely washed away by the fire tornado, which makes her value impossible.

When she decided to join Fang Yuans team, it was because of Fang Yuans words: « I need your power. »

Yes, the reason is that simple.

She didn’t think about going to the finals and competing for the championship.

I just want to play my part.

In the morning group match, she was very satisfied, because her ability played a role.

Now the mist was washed away by the fire tornado, completely worthless.

« No, the value has already been reflected. » Fang Yuan was not disappointed when he saw the fog being washed away by the fire tornado, but was rather satisfied.

« However, the fog was completely washed away. » Eve was still unwilling.

Han Youwei took her hand and explained: « You have already forced out William Lee’s fire tornado. This is the greatest value. Think about it, if you didn’t force their fire tornado out, the fire tornado will definitely be used. Come attack us, and maybe someone will be injured. »

« Ok. »

Eve was optimistic and smiled openly: « Then make the best use of everything. If you need bait or something, you can use me. As long as you can win, you can sacrifice it. »

The fire began to diminish and did not continue to spread.

The fog gradually dissipated.

Han Youwei looked at the mist that was about to dissipate, and said, « After the mist dissipates, they will attack, what will happen next? »

« The battle flag is in our hands, we have the initiative, don’t worry. »

Fang Yuan thought about it while arranging the target of action: « After the frontal battle, the gunner on the opposite side will be given priority. Ye Zheyu, be careful. That Zuo Anpeng’s ability is’Eagle Eye’, and the range is farther than you. »

Ye Zheyu nodded vigorously: « I know, I am in the same class as him, and his attributes are much higher than me in all aspects. »

« Don’t be so nervous. For the gunner, it’s all a bullet, and the attribute level has little effect. » Fang Yuan reached out and patted his shoulder.

« Okay, then I will find a hidden place and prepare to snipe. » Ye Zheyu mustered up his courage and clenched his fist.

« No, your hidden place, I will arrange it. »

Fang Yuan pointed at a bush by the river, and said, « You are hiding in that bush. »

Ye Zheyu glanced back. Although the bushes were a good hiding place, they were not the best.

« Although the bush is good, I can find a better location. »

Fang Yuan shook his finger and said, « Listen to me, it’s there. After shooting, you can change positions in a small range, but don’t go too far, just stay near the river. »

Although Ye Zheyu didn’t understand why this was, after morning’s cooperation, he had completely trusted Fang Yuan’s ability and nodded and said, « Okay. »

Immediately afterwards, Fang Yuan looked at Han Youwei, pointed to a huge boulder behind the bushes, and said: « You will hide behind the huge boulder later, stare at the position from Ye Zheyu to the riverside, and don’t relax. Come to catch Ye Zheyu, and you will take that person in seconds. »

Han Youwei nodded solemnly and replied: « Okay, no problem. »

Fang Yuan turned his head to look at Ye Zheyu again, and said, « You will shoot when you see someone. It doesn’t matter if you miss it. Pay attention to changing positions in a small area and don’t get caught by Zuo Anpeng.

« Good! » Ye Zheyu nodded and agreed.

« What about us? » the beef **** and Eve asked together.

« Eve will stay next to Ye Zheyu later, and after the flame there is completely extinguished, find a safe place and fog again. » Fang Yuan arranged.

« Okay! » Eve received the order and took apart a lollipop again and stuffed it into her mouth to prepare for the second fogging.

« What about me? How about me? » the beef **** asked again.

« You rush with me, if you can eat their sniper rifle bullets, you will win. » Fang Yuan smiled.

« Am I still blocking the bullet? » The beef **** blinked.

« Are you stupid? Let you block with a shield. » Eve reached out and slapped him on the head.

« I know, but the gunman on the opposite side is not an idiot. How could he use all the bullets on me. » The beef **** startled with her.

« They’re here. » Ye Zheyu has been observing the movement in the distance with ghost eyes. After seeing a figure in the distance, he immediately reminded him.

« According to the arrangement just now, go and prepare. »

Fang Yuan waved his hand, and the four of them immediately dispersed, reached the predetermined position, and hid them.