« Fang Yuan, get out! The fog is gone, where else can you hide? Obediently hand over the flag, I can punch you less. »

The five members of Li William’s team swaggered on the flat ground, a posture that they wanted to push the past, quite crazy.

Fang Yuan walked out carrying the battle flag, thrust into the soil slope, and responded loudly: « The flag is here, there is a seed to come and get it! »

Behind the soil slope, the beef **** came out slowly holding the explosion-proof shield.

Fang Yuan dragged him to the front and said speechlessly: « You have a shield, but I don’t have one. I’m not afraid. Are you afraid of a hairy? »

The beef ball took a look at the probe, then quickly retracted behind the shield, and replied: « What if the shield cannot stop the sniper bullet? »

Li William saw Fang Yuan appear, a coldness flashed in his eyes, and turned his head to Zuo Anpeng and said, « Snipe him. »

Zuo Anpeng immediately raised the gun in a squatting position, loaded the safety, adjusted the sniper scope to aim at Fang Yuan, and pulled the trigger directly.


The moment Fang Yuan fired his shot, his body flashed and moved one meter to the left.

The bullet flew past where he was standing with a « swish » sound.

In fact, this is not hiding the bullet, but an early reaction before the bullet flies out. It is hiding the gun.

As long as he keeps his eyes on Zuo Anpeng and reacts in advance, he can avoid it.

This is not difficult for the highly sensitive awakened.

Of course, once the car is overturned, the consequences are serious.

However, this time the actual combat assessment uses a training bomb, even if it is hit, it will not be fatal.

That’s why Fang Yuan dared to play like this, and it was quite exciting.

Especially when the bullet whizzed past my ears, it was really thrilling.

The moment Zuo Anpeng fired his shot, he saw Fang Yuan change his position in the sniper scope. Knowing that he would definitely miss the shot, he put down the sniper rifle and said, « He kept staring at me and he couldn’t hit. »

« It’s okay, then I will go over and pinch him to death. »

William Li was not angry, he had only asked Zuo Anpeng to try.

Immediately afterwards, he began to arrange tactics: « Zuo Anpeng, find a location to sniper. Wu Kui, Ye Mingfeng, and Shen Ke press on with me. »

Wu Kui rushed to the front, holding a shield full of paw prints, ready to block the gunner’s bullets at any time.

Just when they pressed 300 meters in front of them, a gunshot came.


Wu Kui shook his body, and a spark burst out from the explosion-proof shield.

« Their gunman shot! » he shouted immediately.

Zuo Anpeng’s ability is « Eagle Eye », his vision is far beyond ordinary people, he immediately found the location of Ye Zheyu, quickly reacted, squatted on the ground, aimed and shot.


The bullet hit the bushes, splashing a handful of dirt.

« Have you hit it? » Li William asked.

« No, he didn’t see blood. He probably moved his position, but he didn’t stand up. He certainly didn’t move too far. He was still in that area. » Zuo Anpeng just finished.

Another shot was fired in the bush.


Ye Mingfeng was shot and flew out, reaching out to buckle the bullet fragments embedded in the body armor, and cursed: « This turtle grandson dares to snipe me! »

In the first class, Ye Mingfeng, Zuo Anpeng, Shen Ke, and Wu Kui are called the Four King Kong, and they are usually quite arrogant.

An ordinary student like Ye Zheyu didn’t dare to conflict with them at all.

Shen Ke glanced at the bushes over there and sneered: « He dared to hide in the bushes over there. He is already dead. »

William Li nodded at him and said: « Go ahead and teach him a profound lesson. The rest of them press forward with me. »

After all, Li Weilian took Wu Kui and Ye Mingfeng, broke out at the limit speed, rushed towards Fang Yuan’s direction.

The battle is about to start.

Shen Ke took advantage of this opportunity and quietly disappeared into the river.

Li Weilian, Wu Kui, and Ye Mingfeng rushed to the slope.

Ye Mingfeng and the two were preparing to attack Fang Yuan, but Li Weilian raised his hand to stop him: « Don’t come, I will solve him personally. »

He wanted to do this, of course, to show Han Youwei.

The goal is to personally defeat Fang Yuan and prove to Han Youwei that he is powerful.

He slowly clenched his fist, ignited a ball of flames on his fist, walked up the slope, looked at Fang Yuan with cold eyes, and slowly said: « I will give you a chance to compete with me one-on-one, lest you lose and say me Bullying the less by more. »

Fang Yuan grinned and said: « You think too much, even if you go together, you can’t beat me. »

« Just rely on you? Use your trash-like ability to fight me? » William Li twitched his mouth, eyes full of contempt.

The opponents ability record in the school is « iris data », this ability has no attack power.

It’s theoretically impossible to become a super soldier with a powerless ability like Iris Data.

Therefore, William Li did not pay attention to Fang Yuan’s abilities at all.

Fang Yuan jokingly said: « If you know how much my abilities break the balance, you probably won’t be able to laugh. »

« The bull is blowing very loudly, depending on how many punches you can block me! »

William Li snorted, punched out, and flames surged.

Fang Yuan raised his hand and squeezed his fist with a « pop », grinning at him with a bright smile, a layer of light blue star power on his palm to isolate the flame.

Seeing this layer of light blue star power, William Li couldn’t help but frown and asked, « This is…’Star Power Condensation’?! »

« That’s right, Han Youwei taught me step by step. » Fang Yuan grinned.

« Fart!’Star Force Condensation’ is You Wei’s family power! » William Li said angrily.

He was so angry that Fang Yuan’s rage point immediately increased by 30 points.

« Of course I learned it through some indescribable ways. Do I have to explain it so clearly? » Fang Yuan laughed.

William Li’s face was ugly to the extreme, and he hit the flames again, and roared: « Death! »

Rage point +100.

Fang Yuan was so happy that he decided to make persistent efforts and simply put Li William to death.

« Why are you so angry? If you lose later, some are angry. Save a little bit. Otherwise, you will lose your anger. »

« Huh! You want to win even with your scraps? »

William Li snorted coldly, with a fierce look in his eyes, and said: « Wait and see, at most ten seconds, your team will be downsized. »

« You are not referring to Ye Zheyu, are you? » Fang Yuan showed an expression that had already seen everything.

« Yes, he’s over. There is an ability in my team that you don’t know! » Li William’s eyes were full of confidence.

« you sure? »

« Of course, this ability was only obtained two days ago, except for me, no one else in the team knows. » William Li is very sure.

« Isn’t it that Shen Ke just absorbed a star trough characteristic? You really take it as a secret. » Fang Yuan joked.

A look of surprise flashed in William Li’s eyes, and his eyes narrowed slightly: « How do you know? »

Fang Yuan pointed to his eyes and said, « You think it’s a trash ability, but you have actually seen everything about you. »

William Li hummed coldly: « Even if you have iris data, you can’t see what Shen Ke’s star slot characteristics are. The associated attribute of iris data is spirit. What can you see based on your Lv.1 level? »

« Yeah, I can’t see anything. I don’t even know that Shen Ke’s breaking ability is called’Deep Water Walker’. » Fang Yuan pulled at the corner of his mouth, showing a sneer.

William Li’s eyes condensed, and he insisted: « So what? With Shen Ke’s strength, he can beat ten Ye Zheyu! »

« Someone in your team is missing, I pretended not to see it. Did you pretend that you didn’t find someone missing in my team? » Fang Yuan’s eyes were full of jokes.

William Li looked around and finally had a bad feeling in his heart.

Fang Yuan sneered: « I had guessed that you would send Shen Ke to find Ye Zheyu, and deliberately let Ye Zheyu squat by the river to fish. I didn’t expect that you, an idiot, really took the bait. Send Shen Ke to see him off. »

« You! » William Li breathed fire into his eyes.

Fang Yuan’s anger point was +100 again, which was uncomfortable.

at the same time.

By the river six hundred meters away.

Ye Zheyu was lying in the bushes, ready to snipe his opponent.


A figure jumped out of the river, rushed towards Ye Zheyu’s position at a very fast speed, and the field knife in his hand pierced out like lightning.

Ye Zheyu found someone rushing towards him, a flash of panic flashed in his eyes, it was too late to react.

Because Shen Ke is an assassin-type awakener, and being so close by him, a gunman has no ability to resist.

Just then.

A star-strength arrow shot out from behind the boulder, and the target was Shen Ke in mid-air.

Shen Ke condensed his eyes and quickly turned around to block with a field knife.


Xingli’s arrow exploded, sending Shen Kezhen away.

Shen Ke fell to the ground, struggling to get up.

Han Youwei rushed out from behind the boulder, swept him over with a side kick, ripped off his identity card, and eliminated him.