In the sniper scope, Zuo Anpeng saw that Shen Ke was released, and he blurted out, « Shen Ke’s idiot was killed! »

Li William’s face became more angry, and he struggling to strike Fang Yuan’s face with a blazing fist.

Fang Yuan raised his hand and slashed outward, splitting his fist.

The star force collided with the flame, bursting out waves of air.

« I put Ye Zheyu fishing there, and I was worried that the hook was too straight and I couldn’t catch the fish. I didn’t expect you to get the bait so easily. It seems that I overestimated your brains. » Fang Yuan was joking, stimulating Li William. It’s almost exploding.

« Even if Shen Ke is missing, I can crush your trash! »

William Li exploded with star power, flames gushing from both fists, and one fist fiercely hit Fang Yuan’s face.

Fang Yuan’s martial arts fighting skills have been practiced to Lv.3, and he fought with him, using star power to condense against his flames.

In the isolation of the star force protective layer, the palm can still feel the burning sensation of the flame, but the opponent can’t cause harm.

The two fought more intensely.

William Li never had the upper hand, more and more surprised, and more and more angry.

Ye Mingfeng wanted to come up to help, Li William stopped him: « Get out! Don’t interfere with my business, you go and kill the others! »

Ye Mingfeng said nothing, greeted Wu Kui and Zuo Anpeng, and pursued Ye Zheyu.

Zuo Anpeng used the range advantage of the ability « Eagle Eye » to suppress Ye Zheyu all the time, and both sides had a lot of guns and missed no hits.

Ye Mingfeng used the wind control ability to speed up the rush towards Ye Zheyu.

There were gusts of wind roaring around him, directly affecting the trajectory of the bullet.

Coupled with his speed like a gust of wind, Ye Zheyu would find it difficult to attack him.

Seeing that Ye Mingfeng was about to rush to Ye Zheyu’s position, Han Youwei hurried forward and intercepted him.

While fighting, the two paid attention to the positions of the gunmen on both sides, and were alert to bullets that might fly at any time.

The agility of the two is not low, and they are tangled together, and the gunner is not easy to shoot, because shooting is likely to accidentally injure their own people.

the other side.

After Wu Kui hit the beef **** with his shield, he turned around and started to approach Ye Zheyu, blocking the firepower and suppressing it.

Although William Lee’s team is missing one person, the hard power is really too strong, 4 on 5 still prevail.

Eve looked around and saw that the flames in the woods had been slowly extinguished.

She immediately followed Fang Yuan’s pre-arrangement to leave the battle circle, looking for a suitable location to re-fog.

The battle between Fang Yuan and William Li continued.

William Lee roared offensively, but he did not have the slightest advantage.

Fang Yuan relied on 32 points of strength and 39 points of agility to completely suppress William Li.

« I’ve been domineering in school for so long, and I look like the world is invincible all day long. Is it really like that? »

Li William’s lungs were all blown up.

He was like a barrel of explosives. Fang Yuan held the lighter and kept clicking on it, exploding again.

« If you want to die, I will fulfill you! »

He gritted his teeth and roared, spreading his hands, turning on the « Fire Eagle Power » and condensing the raging flames on his palm.

Under the blessing of the « Fire Eagle Power », the temperature of the flame continued to soar, and even a few meters away, one could feel the hot air wave.

Immediately afterwards, he yelled, his hands slammed together, the two flames collided, and a fiery snake surged out and bit towards Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan immediately exploded in speed, like a gust of wind galloping across the flat ground, and the fire snake chased behind him, pulling a long flame road for a day.

Fang Yuan ran around Li William at a distance of fifteen meters, with Fire Snake chasing him closely.

« Die to me! »

Li William yelled angrily, increasing the star power output, the fire snake roared, becoming bigger and more ferocious, vowing to want Fang Yuan to swallow it.

« A-level abilities are nothing more than that. What’s the use of fighting these bells and whistles? Give me a punch! »

At the moment when the fire snake was about to swallow up, Fang Yuan turned sharply while sprinting, rushing towards William Li, his palm covered the star power protection layer, thirty-six star power bursts, and a punch blasted out.

William Li instinctively folded his hands in front of him to block.


In a punch, it collapsed and flew out.

William Li flew a dozen and rolled on the ground several times.

After losing his star power support, the fierce fire snake instantly collapsed and turned into a firework and disappeared behind Fang Yuan.

William Li struggled to get up, eyes full of anger and disbelief.

He didn’t expect Fang Yuan to be so strong.

He originally thought that Fang Yuan could be pinched to death only by moving his fingers.

However, now he was beaten in embarrassment.

Fang Yuan stood on the spot, smiling at him, and said, « I remember the last time you said you wanted to fight with me, did you remember it correctly? Just like you, are you looking for a duel with me? Or death? »

William Li has been extremely angry, as if he has used up his entire life of anger today, the star power in his eyes is burning, and it really spews out flames.

Fang Yuan glanced at an angry point, increasing by 30 points.

The increased value slowly became less, and it seemed that the anger had basically been reduced.

« Do you think you will win this way? You are not qualified enough! »

William Lee gritted his teeth and said, slowly turning the ring on his index finger to activate the ring-type Davis Star Power Amplifier.

Before, when his father gave him this thing, he didn’t think it was needed at all.

The result was beyond his expectations, forcing him to use this thing.

He was very fortunate to have worn this Davis Star Power Amplifier. With this thing, let alone Fang Yuan, he was confident that he would burn the five people in Fang Yuan’s team to ashes.

After the Davis Star Power Amplifier was activated, it began to stimulate the Star Power in his body.

Star power level began to soar.

Flames began to appear on his body, and the whole person was bathed in the flames. He was a demon king who walked out of the flames.

His star power level continued to soar, spreading around with a blast of flames.

His star power level broke through, soaring up a level instantly.

Through the iris data, Fang Yuan clearly saw that his star power level rose from Lv.2 to Lv.3 in an instant.

Seeing this scene, Fang Yuan couldn’t help but frowned, and was very surprised at the sudden increase in his star power level.

« Yeah! »

William Li opened his arms, raised his head and shouted, releasing the violent star power in his body.

The scorching air wave spreads around like a shock wave.

The flames surging around his body, turning into fire snakes toss in the sea of fire.

The fire snakes are intertwined to form a huge fire snake.

Huo Jiao hissed up to the sky, and flew towards Fang Yuan.

The fire flood contains extremely high temperatures, burning the surrounding soil, grass and trees to ashes.

As long as he is touched by Fire Jiao, it must be the result of death or injury.

Fang Yuan’s eyes condensed, he hurriedly exploded and ran in circles, trying to find an attacking opportunity just like before.

However, after the first firefly appeared.

William Li made a second firefly, one firefly was responsible for offense, and another firefly stayed above him for defense, leaving no flaws.