An incident in the martial arts hall alarmed Wang Hongjun, the owner of the martial arts hall.

After Wang Hongjun dealt with Daniel’s affairs, he pulled Fang Yuan and sat down on the steps of the Martial Arts Platform.

Fang Zhenguo and Wang Hongjun are comrades-in-arms.

Fang Yuan often visited the martial arts gym when he was young, so he knew Wang Hongjun very well.

Wang Hongjun looked at Fang Yuan up and down, and said with interest: « You are a good kid. I know that nigger, a ruthless character who beats the underground black punch in the bar street. You can beat him down twice. »

Fang Yuan scratched his head and said with some embarrassment: « In fact, his own strength is average, but his ability is strengthened. After strengthening, his strength is higher than that of a normal boxer. If he is hit head-on, he will most likely be punched. Ko. »

Wang Hongjun was a little surprised and asked, « Do you even know what his powers are? »

« Um, my awakening ability is of the iris data type, so it can be seen. » Fang Yuan explained.

Regarding my own super characteristics, the school has already recorded it as iris data, so there is no problem with that.

Of course, Fang Yuan is very clear that his ability is not as simple as ordinary iris data.

« It turned out to be like this. Iris data is a rare ability. I heard that there is one in the Excalibur Bureau. It’s amazing. » Wang Hongjun said.

Fang Yuan remembered his father’s injury, so he asked: « By the way, Uncle Wang, who was my dad who was beaten and fractured? Isn’t it this nigger? »

« Lao Fang was injured? I haven’t heard of it. »

Wang Hongjun was a little surprised, and called Manager Liu to ask.

Manager Liu was also stunned and explained: « No. Lao Fang was not injured when he was in the martial arts gym. A few days ago, he suddenly called and asked Fang Yuan to replace him. He didn’t say why. »

« I didn’t even know that Lao Fang was injured. I have time to visit him another day. » Wang Hongjun said.

« Then I will thank Uncle Wang for my dad. »

Fang Yuan chatted a few more words, then went home from get off work.

Along the way, Fang Yuan was thinking about his father’s injury.

Fang Yuan knew his father’s skills very well, and he was very solidly trained in military martial arts, and ordinary people couldn’t get close at all.

When I was thinking about this problem, a feeling of being peeped suddenly rose in my heart.

Subconsciously looked back, because it was already ten o’clock in the evening, there was no ghost shadow on the street.

But the feeling of being peeped still exists.

Fang Yuan continued to walk forward, and when he passed a 24-hour convenience store, he stopped and turned to the store door.

At the same time, he guided Xingli into his eyes and glanced behind him with the corner of his eyes.

I still didn’t see anyone, but I saw something that made my heart beat wildly.

In the shadow of the street corner, a property panel suddenly appeared.


A property panel appeared at that location, but there was no one.

At this moment, Fang Yuan knew what he was staring at.

Moreover, just glanced at it just now, and didn’t see the other party’s attributes clearly.

Fang Yuan thought quickly, made a decision in just 0.5 seconds, and walked away from the convenience store.

Walked straight to the beverage freezer, opened the freezer door, and took a bottle of Fat House Happy Water.

At the same time, he looked through the glass door of the freezer, and once again focused on the place where the attribute frame appeared.

This time I finally saw the other party’s attributes clearly.

Name:? ? ?

Star power rating: Lv.1

Attributes: Strength 12, Agility 14, Physical 15, Spirit 14

Super feature: Chameleon concealment

skill:? ? ?

After seeing the attributes of the tracker, Fang Yuan was a little relieved.

Although this stalker has stealth abilities, his combat effectiveness should not be high.

Fang Yuan found that his own abilities had disrupted the balance so much that even the opponent’s people could not see it, and he could even see the attribute panel.

Moreover, a lot of useful information can be inferred based on attributes.

For example, the three attributes of strength, agility, and physique.

Under normal circumstances, people with a lot of flesh will have a higher body, and both muscle and fat will be fine.

In other words, muscular men and fat men are physically taller.

However, if it is a muscular man, the strength will not be only 12 points.

Therefore, it can be inferred that this person is fat.

Coupled with 14 agility, it shows that this is a flexible fat man.

This tracker has average combat effectiveness, so it is clearly a good opportunity to earn anger.

Fang Yuan took the Coke to the counter to pay the money, then unscrewed the bottle cap, drinking while walking to the corner of the street where the property panel was located.

It may be that the « chameleon » ability will reduce the effect when encountering light, so this awakened person has been hiding in a dark corner.

Fang Yuan walked over and when he passed by the « Chameleon » awakened, he deliberately kicked a stone, staggered, and sprayed a sip of Coke directly on his head.

Anger point +10 points.

Fang Yuan suffocated a smile, cursed the stone on the ground, kicked the stone and hit the awakened « Chameleon » on the forehead.

Anger point +20 points.

« Chameleon » awakened a word in his heart, trying to slip along the foot of the wall.

As soon as Fang Yuan raised his foot, he stepped on the back of his instep, and used a little force.

The awakened person who stepped on the chameleon wanted to scold his mother, but did not dare to forcibly pull his foot out.

Anger point +20 points.

Fang Yuan looked around with a smile and saw that this was a dark corner of the street corner, so he made a convenient posture and stretched out his hand to pull on his pants chain.

« Chameleon », the awakener saw Fang Yuan’s move, his face turned green, and he couldn’t help but say, « Brother, you are too much. »

Fang Yuan looked down, and finally saw this « Chameleon » awakened person appearing in his true form.

This man is a round-faced young man, indeed a flexible fat man.

Wearing a trench coat, dressed up like a detective.

« Huh, what are you doing under my feet? » Fang Yuan joked.

The flexible fat man cursed secretly in his heart: You obviously stepped on it deliberately!

However, he didn’t dare to say that, and said with a smile: « I’m not careful, I’m leaving now, I’m leaving now. »

He wanted to pull his feet out of Fang Yuan’s soles.

Fang Yuan stepped on.

With the power of 18 o’clock, his bones rang.

The flexible fat man said helplessly: « Brother, can you move your foot? »

« No. » Fang Yuan replied very simply.

The anger point is +20 again.

No matter how stupid this awakener was, he knew that Fang Yuan was deliberately punishing him, so he could only helplessly say, « Isn’t it enough for me to surrender? How can you let me go? »

Fang Yuan succumbed to the other party so quickly, still a little bit unfinished.

« Go ahead. Who are you? »

« My name is Xiaofeilong, and I am the most famous detective on Bar Street. I usually eat with supernatural powers. »

« Why follow me? »

« It’s the task of the bar street. Someone wants to investigate you, and the price is not low. » Xiaofeilong answered truthfully.

« Just investigate me? »

« And your parents. »

« Who is investigating me? »

« I don’t know this anymore. The task is for Lao Cao in Bar Street. Lao Cao is just a middleman. I guess he doesn’t know who the gold master is. » Xiaofeilong replied.

« It’s just a simple investigation? »

« I heard that other forces have received other tasks. I am only responsible for tracking, and I only know about tracking. »

« What have you investigated? » Fang Yuan asked again.

Little Fat Dragon took out a notebook and handed it to Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan took it over and glanced at it. What was recorded on it was his whereabouts. Every day he ran back and forth at home, school, and martial arts gym, nothing special.

« How much does the funder spend on my materials? » Fang Yuan asked again.

The little fat dragon stretched out **** and replied: « Two…20,000. »

« I’m worth twenty thousand? »

Fang Yuan is a little dissatisfied with this number.

However, after a little thought, if only the survey data is used, the price is not low.

After all, there are middlemen who make the difference.

And 20,000 yuan is quite a lot, which is equivalent to three or four months’ income of ordinary people.

It is better to make this money for others than to make it yourself.

Fang Yuan made a decisive decision and decided to sell himself.

« You don’t need to investigate anymore. I will give you the information directly, and the reward will be divided between two and eight. »

Fang Yuan began to write in the notebook as he said, and then threw it back after writing, adding: « I’m eight, give me money! »