William Li used the high-end skills of the flame ability to condense two fire scorpions, bursting out the terrible power of Lv.3 energy level.

The blazing fire flood, reflected in the aerial camera lens, was extremely powerful and terrifying.

Those who watched the battle in the preparation hall and the command room of the main building saw the terrifying firefighter in the picture, and they all couldn’t help but open their mouths.

In the command room on the top floor of the main building.

125 screens, shooting Fang Yuan and William Li’s battle from all angles.

When Fang Zhenguo and Li Shuhua saw the terrifying firefighter, they were suddenly nervous and at a loss.

Li Shuhua nervously reached out and grabbed her husband’s sleeve, and asked, « Nothing will happen, right? »

Fang Zhenguo was also very nervous, but still patted the back of her hand and comforted: « Don’t worry, trust your son. »

Fang Xiaozhu raised his head and looked at the screen, clenched two small fists, and whispered: « Brother, come on! Brother, come on! »

Admiral Rod had a smile on his face that seemed like nothing, his eyes calmly watching the battle on the screen, as if thinking about something.

A group of girls in the preparation hall cheered loudly: « Shao Li is too powerful. Who is his opponent if he condenses such a powerful fire scorpion? »

« Of course, who is Shao Li? That is the pride of our school. How can a person like Fang Yuan be compared with him? »

« Shao Li, come on, even if it’s 4 to 5, you can definitely crush your opponent! »

This final is basically a duel between Class 1 and Class 2.

Therefore, the support camp of the two classes is very obvious.

The second class students were very upset when they heard the yelling of the girls, and retorted: « What is 4 to 5? It’s your eldest master stupid. Send Shen Ke to die. Give Han Youwei a second!

The girls suddenly yelled: « What do you know? This is what we Li Shao deliberately did. We don’t want Han Youwei to lose so ugly. »

« Yes, Han Youwei’s coquettish bastard, Li Shao invited her to join the team, but she was ashamed to refuse, which is really shameless. »

The students in Class 2 were all happy, and cursed: « Intentionally? It’s a brain-dead to come up with such a peculiar idea! »

The two sides immediately began to spray each other, and the intensity was no less intense than the battle on the battlefield.

Among students.

There are still some more accurate eyes.

Qiao Zeyu has a clearer understanding of the power of supernatural powers.

He looked at the three martial arts class instructors on the side and asked, « Instructor, the energy level of this flame seems to have reached Lv.3, right? »

The third class coach is also watching the battle scene on the big screen, nodding and saying: « Observing with the naked eye, it is really not as powerful as Lv.2 can have. »

« The information I collected before shows that William Lee’s star power level is Lv. 2. How could it become Lv. 3? » Qiao Zeyu frowned.

Originally, his goal was to compete for the championship, so he paid special attention to the situation of Li William team.

Although he heard that William Li is about to break through to Lv.3 some time ago, he has obtained very accurate information and determined that William Li has not broken through.

Now William Lee released a flame of Lv.3 energy level, which made him very puzzled.

« The Lv.3 ability appeared in the actual combat assessment. It won’t cause casualties, right? This flame ability is very dangerous. It burns star power, and water can’t be poured. » Qiao Zeyu reminded.

« It is indeed possible. I have to talk to the person in charge of the D3 battlefield. » As the instructor said, he turned to find the person in charge of the D3 battlefield.

Looking at the surging flames, Fang Yuan always felt that William Li’s star power suddenly increased strangely.

After careful observation, he found that the flame energy level at the position of his left index finger was extremely high, and immediately knew where the problem was.

« The actual combat assessment also brings its own weapons, shameless people, really invincible in the world! » Fang Yuan despised.

William Li’s face became more ugly, and he hummed: « This is just a ring! »

« I didn’t even indicate it was a ring, so you did it yourself? » Fang Yuan sneered.

« you! »

Li William was completely embarrassed into anger, burning star power frantically, doubled the two fire scorpions, and swallowed him towards Fang Yuan: « Give me to die! »

Fang Yuan continued to run, avoiding the chase of Fire Jiao, and at the same time raised his right hand and said:

« This boxing technique has just been developed and it’s not mature yet. I thought I had no chance to use it. Since you have reached Lv.3, then just test my move. »

Fang Yuan said, making a fist with his right hand, using « Star Force Condensation » to build a vein on his fist.

Then, he turned sharply and rushed towards Li William.

Seeing Fang Yuan’s replay of the old technique, Li William flashed a fierce look in his eyes and hummed, « I want to use the same trick a second time? Naive! »

As he said, pushing his right hand forward, the second fire scorpion above his body immediately attacked and bit towards Fang Yuan.

The fire spitting flames, covering a large area, used for defense, it is impossible to evade.

Fang Yuan rushed up to meet the Huo Jiao, thirty-six star power burst out, and under the blessing of super high Limin, he blasted a dragon-shaped thunder fist.

The combination of Xingli Condensation and Thunder Fist exploded with a thunderous punch.


The fist burst, burst into flames, the aftermath shook away, and flew Li Williambeng out.

William Li flew out and fell to the ground for more than a dozen laps. His bones were almost shaken by his fist, and he couldn’t get up after struggling for several times.

This dragon-shaped thunder punch not only flew William Li, but also stunned the spectators in the preparation hall.

The group of clamoring « Li Shao is amazing, Li Shao is awesome » stopped abruptly at the moment Li William fell and flew out.

The girls who followed William Li looked stupid, staring at the big screen with surprise and doubt in their eyes.

Three seconds later, a girl yelled: « Is this screen broken? Is it sick? How could it be William Li that was beaten up? »

The second class students were also stunned just now. At this time, they recovered and suddenly started shouting.

« William Li is a fart! Fang Yuan is awesome! It’s time to teach this turtle grandson a good lesson! »

« Yes, I don’t usually have a dick, it turns out it’s just like B in the fight. »

« It’s really impressive that you guys with brain-deads are even fans of this kind of waste. »

As if all the girls were about to explode, they cursed back: « You shut up! How could Shao Li lose to Fang Yuan’s kind of stuff. »

« Fang Yuan must have cheated, otherwise he can’t beat Shao Li! »

« That’s right, Fang Yuan’s trash in the martial arts class is definitely cheating! »

« We want to report him! »

« Where is the instructor? We want to report Fang Yuan cheating! »

In the command room on the top floor of the main building.

When Fang Zhenguo and his wife saw their son hit their opponents with a punch, they grabbed each other’s hands and shouted, « Okay! »

No matter whether he was rude or not, Fang Xiaozhu yelled again and again: « Brother won! Brother won! »

Everyone present was applauding.

Only Wang Hongjun was stunned, because he discovered that the punch Fang Yuan had just hit was like a thunder punch, but it was very different.

In particular, the dragon-shaped fist strength he played was obviously formed by star power.

However, he had never taught Fang Yuan such a punch.

Because there is no such thing in his thunder fist.

« Where did this kid learn the boxing technique? » Wang Hongjun was very puzzled.

According to his cognition, the kind of dragon-shaped punching power with star power is simply impossible.

As soon as the star power is released into the body, it will quickly dissipate, and it is impossible to condense into that kind of boxing power.