With this dragon-shaped thunder fist, Fang Yuan exerted his full strength. After the fight, he gasped slightly and took two big breaths before he walked over and prepared to end William Li.

Li William saw Fang Yuan approaching and shouted in panic: « Shoot! Snipe him! »

Fang Yuan heard his shout and quickly stepped out of the zigzag footwork to avoid the sniper’s aim.

William Li took advantage of this opportunity to get up and ran towards the cave in the center of the valley.

Fang Yuan saw that he was about to flee and wanted to pursue him.

When turning, there was a momentary pause in the footsteps.

The gunfire immediately exploded.


A bullet whirled past Fang Yuan’s side, thrilling.

Fang Yuan quickly rolled forward and hid behind the rock.

Behind the rock, he took a look at the direction of Li William’s escape, and then at the position of the sniper.

Make a decision quickly, burst out speed, rush out from behind the bunker, and rush towards the sniper’s position.

Compared to Li William, Zuo Anpeng’s sniper rifle is more dangerous.

According to the actual combat assessment rules, as long as they are shot, they will be eliminated directly.

Therefore, it is definitely the right choice to give priority to the sniper.

Fang Yuan exploded quickly at 39 points, as fast as a glimpse of a glimpse, moving quickly between bunkers, like a gust of wind, blowing around.

Zuo Anpeng kept moving the sniper rifle, trying to lock Fang Yuan, but Fang Yuan’s speed was too fast to lock it.

When Fang Yuan approached 100 meters away, he had no choice but to bite the bullet and shoot.


The bullet was fired, but the gun did not lock the target at all, so the trigger was pulled and it couldn’t hit at all.

Zuo Anpeng looked around and found that no teammates were nearby. He quickly turned and retreated and fled in the direction of Li William.

However, compared with Fang Yuan, his speed is too slow.

Fang Yuan’s limit speed has reached 39 meters per second, and he crossed a distance of 100 meters in less than three seconds, chasing behind Zuo Anpeng, and reached out to hold his shoulders.

« Don’t run away, surrender quickly, you can save a beating. »

Zuo Anpeng was a little unconvinced, if in the future, he would definitely fight back.

Because, in his impression, even in close combat, he can easily crush Fang Yuan.

However, when he saw the scene where William Li was beaten into the air, he knew that Fang Yuan was no longer what he could contend with.

He had to stop, tore off his identity card, and voluntarily conceded.

Fang Yuan took his sniper rifle, took a look at the battle on the other side, and rushed to support him immediately.

at the same time.

The west side of the valley was foggy again, spreading towards the war circle here.

When Ye Zheyu saw the fog drifting over, he was overjoyed, and quickly dropped a ghost eye, turned and ran into the fog.

After hiding in the fog, Ye Mingfeng and Wu Kui could no longer see his shooting movement.


One shot hit Wu Kui and eliminated him.

Seeing that the situation was not good, Ye Mingfeng immediately used the wind control ability to increase his speed and escaped in the fog.

Although the foggy day is advantageous to the opposing source team, it is still much more difficult to chase an extremely fast agility awakening in the fog than on flat ground.

When Fang Yuan hurried back, he found that the battle was over.

Beefball raised his shield, smashed Wu Kui, and cursed: « You are dead, you can’t move! »

Wu Kui was very upset, but looked around and found that the general situation was gone, so he had to give up the struggle.

The beef ball looked up and saw Fang Yuan, and said in surprise: « Why did you run back? Did you win? »

Fang Yuan threw the sniper rifle over and said, « What do you think? »

The beef ball caught the sniper rifle, smashed his head, and then sat on the ground, holding the sniper rifle and started to tinker with it: « I finally have a gun. »

After Eve fogged up the weather, she ran back to see everyone there, and hurriedly asked: « How is it? »

« We ran two, and we killed the other three. » The beef ball pointed at Wu Kui and Shen Ke.

The two guys were sitting together, with angry expressions on their faces.

Just then.

Suddenly there was a gunshot.


Everyone quickly turned their heads and looked around and found that Ye Zheyu was the one who shot.

Ye Zheyu quickly pointed to the soil **** in the distance and said, « They still want to win the game! »

Everyone turned their heads and saw that Ye Mingfeng was approaching the slope.

At this moment, the battle flag is planted on the slope.

When the war started before, Fang Yuan planted the battle flag on the slope. After repelling William Li, he went to chase the sniper. Naturally, he didn’t have time to control the battle flag.

According to the actual combat assessment rules, the battle flag is still the one that determines the outcome.

Although Li William’s team has been eliminated by three people, as long as they get the flag and persist until the end of the game, they will eventually win.

Ye Mingfeng’s speed was extremely fast, he pulled out his battle flag, turned and ran.

The distance was too far, and Ye Mingfeng’s speed was too fast, Ye Zheyu missed the shot.

It was too late for Fang Yuan to catch up.

After all, Ye Mingfeng’s ability is a wind controller, and his speed is also very fast.

« What should we do now? »

The battle has already progressed to this point, and it seems that you will win, so naturally you can’t just let it go.

Fang Yuan looked at the time and said, « There are still 15 minutes left, enough for us to find the two guys. »

The team of five immediately chased in the direction where Ye Mingfeng had fled.

Soon he came to the entrance of the cave in the middle of the valley.

« What are they going to do? Isn’t there still a fissure star beast inside? » The beef ball was very puzzled.

Just now, I clearly saw Ye Mingfeng run in, and I wondered what they were doing.

« Follow him, just go in and take a look. »

Fang Yuan said, walking in first.

Entering the cave, I saw William Li and Ye Mingfeng fighting against the crystal armored liger.

William Li jumped directly onto the back of the Crystal Armor Liger, drew out the Xingli Technology belt, and buckled it around the neck of the Crystal Armor Liger.

« What is he doing? »

The beef **** pointed at William Li, not understanding what he was doing.

William Li saw Fang Yuan and the five coming in, with a smirk on his face, and said, « Come to die? »

Fang Yuan frowned and looked at him, also wondering what he was going to do.

After seeing Li William buckle the crystal armor liger with a belt, he stretched out his hand and pressed it on the belt buckle.

The belt lit up, forming a stream of electric current, poured into the brain of the crystal armor liger.

His belt was not an ordinary belt at all, but a star force buckle belt.

Han Youwei immediately recognized this kind of buckle, and said aloud: « That is the Davis Star Beast buckle. It can control the Star Beast by stimulating the brain of the Star Beast through electric current. »


Two violent rays of fierce light appeared in the eyes of the crystal armored liger beast, and he opened his mouth and roared, and then grabbed Ye Mingfeng with a paw.

Ye Mingfeng had been vigilant, and quickly rolled to the right, avoiding the claws of the crystal armor liger beast in a thrilling manner.

« What’s going on? » He frowned and looked at Li William.

William Li grabbed the star beast buckle in one hand and stretched out the other hand and said: « It is now bitten by everyone except me. Throw the battle flag to me, you can go. »

Ye Mingfeng didn’t have time to hesitate, and immediately threw the battle flag over, and then retreated to the edge of the cave, ready to retreat at any time.

Li William carried the battle flag and rode on the back of the crystal armored liger, his head held high, his eyes were cold and staring at Fang Yuan, and he hummed: « You want to win me? In the next life! »