The crystal armored liger roared frantically and rushed towards Fang Yuan, sweeping its sharp claws.

Fang Yuan reacted quickly, leaping back, avoiding its sharp claws.

One claw of the crystal beast missed, and the other claw immediately swept away, but the target of the attack was not Fang Yuan, but the beef **** next to it.


The beef ball held a shield to block it, was slapped and flew out, fell to the ground and shouted, « Mad! I fell to death. »

Fortunately, his ability is « thick-skin defense », and the injury is not serious. If he is replaced by someone else in the team, he might be beaten in two by one claw.

« Go back! » Fang Yuan yelled quickly.

Eve and Ye Zheyu retreated quickly.

The beef **** were lying on the ground just now. When they heard that they were going to run, they got up immediately and ran out of the cave.

Fang Yuan reached out and grabbed him: « Where are you going? »

« Didn’t you say to run? »

The beef **** ran eagerly, but they were dragged by Fang Yuan, completely standing still.

« Behind you, block this star beast, don’t let it hurt people. » Fang Yuan still dragged him.

« Big brother, do you think I am like someone who can block it? » The beef **** are all bad.

« Blocking the hole. »

Fang Yuan gave him an order, then let go of him, moved a few steps to the right, and confronted the crystal armor liger.

Under the stimulation of the star beast buckle, the crystal armored liger beast has fallen into a frenzy state, roaring and attacking the closest person.

Fang Yuan quickly dodged.

This crystal armor liger is indeed terribly strong, with attributes basically reaching the limit of Lv.3, strength 36, agility 37, and body 37.

Fortunately, Fang Yuan’s agility reached 39 points, not slower than it in speed, so he could avoid its pounce.

After avoiding the pounce, Fang Yuan turned and rushed forward, launching a counterattack, and punching the crystal armor liger in the abdomen.


The sound was very loud, but the body of the Crystal Armor Liger just shook, and it was not injured at all, and immediately swung its claws to fight back.

After Ye Zheyu retreated to the exit position, he turned around and raised his gun, aimed at the crystal armor liger, and fired a « bang » shot.

The bullet hit the crystal armor liger beast’s back, embedded in the crystal armor, without breaking the skin.

« No, the training bullet can’t hit this star beast! » Ye Zheyu said solemnly.

« Accept your fate. Even if you eliminate all the waste in our team, I can kill you all alone! »

Li William rode on the back of the crystal armor liger, laughing wildly.

While he controlled the crystal armored liger beast to pursue Fang Yuan, he also ignited a flame in his palm and launched a flame attack.

While Fang Yuan avoided the crystal armored liger beast’s attack, he had to deal with the fire attack, and the danger was suddenly encircled.


The crystal armor liger is getting more and more irritable, chasing frantically.

Facing the BOSS-level crystal armored liger, Fang Yuan was forced to dodge and retreat continuously, and it was difficult to find a way to break the game for a while.

Seeing Fang Yuan’s increasing pressure, Han Youwei immediately used the « Star Force Condensation » to condense a light blue star power armor on her body, and rushed to help.

Fang Yuan and Han Youwei teamed up to besiege the crystal armor liger, barely withstanding its fierce offensive.

However, the two still do not have the upper hand together.

William Li said angrily: « Youwei, you go away! »

« Fang Yuan and I are teammates, why should I retire? »

Han Youwei kicked the crystal armored liger beast on the neck, not to mention causing no damage, but was also bounced out by the counter-shock force, and leaped twice in midair before landing smoothly.

« This is my business with him, you get out of the way, I want to fight him! » William Li roared.

Not waiting for Han Youwei to speak.

Fang Yuan pulled at the corner of his mouth and sneered: « So you are fighting with me? I thought I had been fighting with star beasts. »

Hearing this, William Li’s face suddenly darkened.

Fang Yuan slammed, stretched out his hand to pat the crystal armored liger beast’s head, and said, « William Li, when did you become this dog? »

« Die me! »

Li William became angry, his face hard to see the extreme, a fiery snake condensed in his palm and smashed towards Fang Yuan.

His anger contributed another 50 anger points to Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan slid to avoid the fire snake attack.


Immediately afterwards, the crystal armored liger roared and bit, Fang Yuan dodged in double sliding steps.

When Fang Yuan couldn’t be hit, the crystal armored liger was so furious that he turned his head and patted Han Youwei with a paw.

Although Han Youwei is the strongest in the class, no matter how strong, Lv.2 has its limit.

Her agility attributes reached the limit of Lv.2, but only 29 points.

Compared with the 37 points of the Crystal Armor Liger, it is far behind.

Therefore, she did not dodge fast enough, was swept by the beast’s claws, and flew out with a muffled snort.

The crystal armor liger roared angrily and wanted to pursue it.

Seeing Han Youwei is in danger.

Eve quickly snatched the sniper rifle from the beef balls, kicked him on his big clam, and cursed: « Go! »

As she said, she raised her gun and shot the crystal armor liger.

However, the training projectile hit the crystal armor liger, it is tickling, with little effect.

The beef **** gathered up their courage, raised their shield, and rushed up yelling.


The crystal armor liger slapped him flying with a paw.

Fang Yuan caught up immediately, stood in front of Han Youwei, looked at her sideways, and asked, « Is it all right? »

Han Youwei got up from the ground, shook her head and replied: « It’s okay, my Star Power Armor has a very high defense. »

Although she said it was okay, Fang Yuan could hear her voice trembling.

William Li’s face was extremely ugly, and he said in a deep voice, « You Wei, get out of the way! This star beast is out of control and will hurt you! »

Han Youwei ignored him, but looked at Fang Yuan and asked how to deal with it with her eyes.

Fang Yuan thought about it and asked, « Can you use static control to power this crystal beast? Its spirit is its weakest attribute, only 30 points. »

« My spirit is only 29 points, I am afraid that the effect of static control is very poor. » Han Youwei’s mental attributes have also reached the limit of Lv.2, but the spirit of 29 points is still lower than the crystal armor liger.

This is the reason why the Crystalline Liger is like a BOSS. Even the control abilities like « Static Control » have very poor effect on it.

« Just a few tenths of a second is enough, » Fang Yuan said.

« Well, I will power it. » Han Youwei nodded and said.

« After using the’static control’, no matter what the effect is, you should withdraw immediately and give me the rest. » Fang Yuan exhorted.

« Okay! Do you want to start now? » Han Youwei asked when to do it.

Fang Yuan glanced at his attributes.

The strength is only 32 points, and the physique of the crystal armor liger is as high as 37 points.

Even if Thunder Fist is powerful, it is estimated that the damage it can cause is very limited.

Fang Yuan glanced at an angry point again, totaling 410 points.

Then, immediately consume 400 anger points and add all of them to strength.

His strength increased rapidly, from 32 points all the way to 36 points.

Although it was still 1 point lower than the crystal armor liger beast’s physique, but with the power of the dragon-shaped thunder fist, it was enough to break the defense.

« Right now. »

Fang Yuan said that he rushed up first, angering the Crystal Armored Liger, causing it to attack him, and then immediately dodged, giving Han Youwei a chance.

Han Youwei rushed forward and leaned back to avoid the scorpion tail of the crystal armor liger.

Then he slid against the ground to the crystal armor liger, passed under its abdomen, and at the same time stretched out his hand to press on its abdomen.

« Static Control » was launched.

Zi Zi Zi…

An electric current poured into the crystal armored liger, causing it to paralyze for a moment.

Fang Yuan seized the opportunity, exploded with star power, built a star power vein on his arm, shouted, and thunder fist in the shape of a dragon.


The fist hit the crystal armored liger beast’s head, violently fisted, and blasted it out.

The crystal armored liger beast fell out and rolled on the ground for a few times.