Fang Yuan took a deep breath after finishing this punch.

He fought two dragon-shaped thunder punches back and forth, almost exhausting the star power.

After all, the dragon-shaped thunder fist not only has to burst out the star power, but also uses the « star power condensing shape », which requires a huge amount of star power.

Although the star power was exhausted, it was able to knock down the crystal armor liger, and the result was good.


The crystal armor liger fell to the ground, still struggling, but could no longer get up.

William Li also fell hard, got up, kicked angrily on the back of the crystal armor liger, and shouted: « Get me up! »

After Fang Yuan’s breathing recovered evenly, he squeezed his fist joints and creaked, ready to give him a violent beating: « It’s over, if you don’t admit defeat, I’m not welcome. »

William Li glared at Fang Yuan fiercely, and hummed coldly: « Do you think this is over? »

« Otherwise? Do you still want to struggle? »

« Your star power has been exhausted? Lv.1 is Lv.1, it will always be rubbish. » Li William’s eyes were full of contempt.

The awakened person of star power level Lv.1, star power is indeed too little.

Fang Yuan played two dragon-shaped thunder fists before and after, and with the consumption of other abilities, the star power had bottomed out.

Check your own attributes, you can clearly see the consumption of star power.

Total Star Power: 12/100

William Li sneered at the corner of his mouth, and said: « The star power is exhausted, I see what else you are crazy about! »

« To pack you, you don’t need to consume star power at all. » Fang Yuan looked at him indifferently.

William Li’s smile became even more hideous, and he slowly stretched out his hand to grab the Davis star beast buckle, and said:

« Let you take a look at Davis’ latest technology. This is a cutting-edge technology at the laboratory stage. Most people don’t have the honor to see it. »

As he spoke, he clicked on the Davis Star Beast buckle.

Ten electrode needles stretched out from the Davis Star Beast buckle and pierced into the neck of the Crystalline Liger.

Immediately afterwards, a stream of electric current surged from the belt of the Davis Star Beast, poured into the body of the Crystalline Liger, and stimulated its brain.


The crystal armor liger roared furiously, a bloodthirsty madness revealed in the eyes of the beast, and slowly stood up from the ground.

After William Lee activated the two-stage electrode stimulation of the Davis Star Beast buckle, he immediately backed away from the Crystalline Liger.


Under the stimulation of the electrodes, the crystal armored liger roared in agony.

This kind of laboratory technique obviously stimulates the star beast to death.

Fang Yuan saw the crystal armored liger beast’s attributes skyrocketed under the stimulation of the electrodes.

Seeing this, Fang Yuan knew that the situation was out of control, and hurriedly shouted to the four Han Youwei: « Go! This star beast is out of control. »


The crystal armored liger roared and began to frantically attack all creatures within its sight.

Fang Yuan relied on his super agility and avoided two claw blows.

The crystal armor liger turned around, rushed towards the beef balls, and patted the beef **** with one paw.


« Oh! »

The beef **** were screamed as pigs, flew out, hit the wall, and rolled down.

The explosion-proof shield is directly nailed through by the claws.

« Go! » Fang Yuan shouted again.

Han Youwei and Eve rushed over, grabbing the beef **** by the hands, and dragging them out of the hole.

Ye Zheyu raised his sniper rifle and fired continuously, trying to block the crystal armor liger for a moment.

However, the training shell did not hurt the crystal armor liger at all, it angered it instead.

The crystal armor liger roared angrily and rushed towards Ye Zheyu.

Ye Zheyu is good at firearms, and his attributes are not outstanding. Facing the crystal armored liger, he has no resistance at all.

If you are shot by a sharp claw, something will happen.

Fang Yuan condensed his eyes, clenched his fist and rushed forward, and once again used a thunder fist to hit the crystal armor liger beast’s head.


This time it was an ordinary thunder fist, but with the support of 36 points of strength, the power was also very strong, and a punch knocked the crystal armor liger from midair.

« Go! »

Although a punch knocked the crystal armored liger beast from midair, Fang Yuan knew that the punch would not harm him, so he turned around and shouted at Ye Zheyu.

Ye Zheyu did not dare to delay, and quickly retreated outside the cave.

The crystal armored liger roared to his feet and pounced on Fang Yuan again.

In the preparation hall and command room of the main building, all the spectators were confused.

The 125 screens in the command room all showed the crystal armored liger beast attacking Fang Yuan again and again, every time it was extremely thrilling.

Fang Zhenguo felt that something was not right, and shouted: « Stop the assessment! We can’t compare! »

He yelled and wanted to rush out to stop this actual combat assessment.

Wang Hongjun quickly grabbed him and said to Wei Hailong, « The situation is not right, this star beast is obviously out of control! »

Wei Hailong also saw the problem, and looked at General Luo with a serious expression: « General, how to deal with it? »

Admiral Rod pondered for a moment, then raised his hand and ordered: « Send someone to control the star beast. »

« Yes! »

Wei Hailong immediately rushed out of the command room, preparing to lead people over.

Fang Xiaozhu looked at the battle scene on the screen and saw that his brother was almost torn to pieces by the star beast several times, his face pale in panic.

« Brother… » Her little hand was like a cat’s claw, scratching **** the floor-to-ceiling glass window, as if to scratch through the glass and rush out to help.

In the cave on the D3 battlefield.

Fang Yuan wanted to get rid of the crystal armor liger beast and exit the cave.

However, after the crystal armor liger got out of control, it fell into a frantic state, its strength and agility skyrocketed, reaching 39 points.

Fang Yuan couldn’t get rid of it, and the star power had been exhausted, and he had no spare energy to knock it down again.

However, Fang Yuan is very clear.

According to the current out-of-control state of the Crystal Armor Liger, the person in charge of the D3 battlefield cannot sit back and watch.

Therefore, Fang Yuan no longer ventured to attack the crystal armored liger, but used all his best to slide, leap, and dodge to contain the crystal armored liger, waiting for military support.

On the other side of the cave, William Li stood by the exit, looking triumphantly at Fang Yuan being chased by the crystal armor liger.

He did not withdraw from the cave, because he wanted to see how Fang Yuan was killed by the crystal armor liger.

How could he be willing to miss such a good show?

After the crystal armor liger beast raged, his agility skyrocketed to 39 points.

Fang Yuan is also 39 points agile. After adapting to the crystal armored liger beast’s attack method, he entered a stable state, constantly using sliding steps, using the rock shelter in the cave, to repeatedly dodge the crystal armored liger beast’s attack.

I don’t know how many times I have used sliding steps, but in this process, I directly practiced the proficiency of sliding steps to Lv.3.

Slide Lv.3 (1/200)

After the sliding upgrade, dodge is much easier.

William Li saw Fang Yuan being chased by the crystal armor liger, and smiled triumphantly: « Enjoy slowly. Fight with me, this is your end. »

Just then.

The crystal armored liger suddenly stopped attacking, his body trembled violently, and he roared in pain.

Immediately afterwards, the crystal armor on its body began to change, burning like a purple flame.

Fang Yuan felt something was wrong when he saw this scene.

In the « Star Beast Encyclopedia » series of books in the library, there is no mention of crystal armored ligers having similar abilities.

Fang Yuan quickly led the last few remaining star powers into his eyes to check the attributes of the crystal armored liger.

After seeing clearly, his eyes suddenly rounded.

I saw the star power level of the Crystal Armor Liger began to soar, from Lv.3 to Lv.4, and from Lv.4 to Lv.5, Lv.6…

Seeing this situation, I went to Lv.10.

Lv.3 is scary enough, if it goes up to Lv.10, will it still be possible?

« Fuck you uncle! God wants to play me to death? »

Fang Yuan’s eyes were almost out of his sockets, thinking that this time is over.

Just then.

There was a fierce cat cry.


A gray cat jumped in from the hole above, the hair on its body stood up like spikes, and there was a wave of energy hovering around it, looking fierce.

The **** jumped down and confronted the crystal armor liger, baring his teeth and roaring: « Meow! »

Fang Yuan panicked and quickly thought about what to do to survive the Lv.10 crystal armored liger.

The crystal armor liger roared angrily, its body swelled, and the Davis star beast buckle on its neck was broken.

Then, turned his head and rushed towards Li William.

« Hey! It’s not for me, that’s all right. » Fang Yuan switched directly to the theater mode.