« what! »

William Lee’s scream resounded throughout the cave.

The scene was too bloody, Fang Yuan couldn’t help covering his eyes with his hands, shaking his head along with the screams.

William Li wanted to escape, but his pitiful agility was not enough to look at in front of the crystal armor liger.

« what! »

The screams became more and more severe, and they screamed for three minutes.

Wei Hailong rushed in with a team of soldiers, shot a dozen hooks, locked the crystal armored liger, and dragged it away from Li William.

Immediately afterwards, Li Xiangjian, chairman of Dingjian Group, rushed in with a group of bodyguards, and his eyes turned red when he saw his son lying in a pool of blood.

« Where is the military doctor? Where is the military doctor! » he shouted excitedly.

The medical staff on the D3 battlefield ran up, stopped the bleeding on the spot, and then sent to the doctor.

Li Xiangjian looked around and saw Fang Yuan watching, his anger suddenly jumped over his head.

Fang Yuan found that his anger was raging like a rocket.

+30, +30, +30

Still wondering how the anger came from, and then I heard an angry curse.

Li Xiangjian stepped forward, pointed his finger at Fang Yuan, and shouted: « You are at the scene, why don’t you stop the star beast? You will kill William like this! »

Fang Yuan blinked his eyes and asked, « I’m not his father, it’s my ass? »

At this moment.

A bodyguard in a black suit stretched out his hand to pick up an object on the ground.

This thing is surprisingly the broken Davis Star Beast buckle.

Fang Yuan reached out and stepped on his hand, and asked, « What are you doing? »

« Pick up things. » The black suit bodyguard replied.

« Is it yours? » Fang Yuan asked again.

The black suit bodyguard hesitated for a moment, glanced sideways at his boss, and then replied, « No. »

« It’s not yours, what are you picking up? » Fang Yuan took out his mobile phone and snapped photos.

Wei Hailong led people to subdue the crystal armored liger, loaded it into a truck and pulled it away.

Then began to clear the field and let everyone leave the training ground.

Everyone returned to the preparation hall.

After seeing the five members of Fang Yuan’s team, all the students in the hall looked very exciting.

Because the strength of Fang Yuan’s team completely exceeded their expectations.

It is quite incredible to be able to defeat William Lee’s super team.

Fang Yuan finally defeated the Crystal Armored Liger, which was even more incredible.

However, in this actual combat assessment final, there was an accident in the end.

How to deal with it is still unknown.

« Instructor, how do you count now? Who will win in the end? » Some students began to curiously ask the instructor.

Wei Hailong went to the command room, it should be to discuss how to deal with this incident.

All the students in Class 2 gathered around and began to praise the performance of the five members of Fang Yuan’s team.

« Awesome, my brother Di! »

« We won Lee William’s team. »

The beef **** are now awe-inspiring. Standing on the steps, they put on a posture of someone else, and said, « I’ll ask you, are you bullies? »

« Awesome! »

In the hall, most of the students cheered excitedly, but a group of people was very embarrassed.

That is the student who supported William Lee.

Supporting William Lee from the perspective of the class is no problem.

After all, it is normal to support classmates.

However, the group of girls who pursued William Lee like a fan is different.

All the expressions are as ugly as eating shi.

Especially those of Shen Lina who are the most active, if others ate a few catties, then she at least ate a few tons.

Among the students, there are also three more positive views.

Qiao Zeyu walked up to Fang Yuan and said in admiration: « I really underestimated your team at the beginning. After watching this final, I realized that I didn’t lose unjustly. »

« Your team is also very strong. »

Fang Yuan responded, and then lifted the **** to observe.

Just now, not only was the star power level of the Crystal Armor Liger soaring, this gray cat also soared to Lv.10.

This situation reminded Fang Yuan of what happened in the inpatient department of the hospital last month.

At that time, although the two cats did not see the star power level soaring, but they saw the process of their star power level falling.

Let the mutant creature’s star power level soar, this should be the effect of Fang Xiaozhu’s « Divine Evolution » ability.

How would it appear here?

Just when Fang Yuan was puzzled, a crisp cry immediately told him the answer.

« brother »

Fang Xiaozhu took the elevator down from the top floor, rushed up and jumped vigorously, hanging around Fang Yuan’s neck like a koala.

« How did you come? »

« Dad and comrades-in-arms have a party, and I can watch you play, so I will follow. » Fang Xiaozhu said with a smile.

When Fang Yuan saw his sister appear, he probably guessed what was going on.

I have never heard of abilities like « Divine Evolution » that can make mutant creatures’ star power soar.

This ability of Fang Xiaozhu should be unique.

Then the star power level of the crystal armor liger and the gray machine suddenly soared, which should be affected by the « divine evolution ».

Fang Xiaozhu took the handjob, rubbed it in his arms, and asked, « Does the **** help? »

« Helped a lot. » Fang Yuan smiled.

« I know, the **** is amazing. » Fang Xiaozhu lifted the gray cat over his head and shook it from side to side.


The gray cat became very docile now, and his cry was soft, and he kept drilling into Fang Xiaozhu’s arms.

Ten minutes later.

Wei Hailong got down from the top floor of the main building, stood on the presiding stage in the preparation hall, and announced loudly:

« Quiet, now announce the result of this actual combat assessment final. »

The hall suddenly became quiet.

« The winning team in this actual combat assessment final is… »

Wei Hailong looked at the five members of Fang Yuan’s team.

at this time.

Li Xiangjian winked at a class teacher beside him.

A class teacher stood up and interrupted: « Wait a minute! »

« What’s the matter? » Wei Hailong asked.

« Before the announcement, I have something to say. »

As soon as a class teacher said, he walked up to the presiding stage, stood in front of Wei Hailong, and asked: « On the big screen just now, everyone can see clearly. The last person who came into contact with Zhanqi was William Li of our class, right? ? »

After Ye Mingfeng threw the battle flag to William Li, it was held by William Li until Wei Hailong brought the team from the D3 battlefield to rescue people.

« Yes, it was indeed William Li who had the last contact with the banner. » Wei Hailong replied.

« According to the actual combat evaluation rules, the team that finally gets the battle flag wins, unless all of the team members are eliminated. Our class of Ye Mingfeng has not been eliminated, then the victory should be determined according to the battle flag rules. » A class teacher argued. Tao.

« This… » Wei Hailong hesitated.

Li Xiangjian also stood up and said in a deep voice: « Our Dingjian Group manufactures hundreds of billions of Xingli technology weapons for the East China Sea theater every year. My son has participated in the actual combat assessment, so he must be treated fairly. The game he won, No one can take it away! »

After he finished speaking, he turned his head to look at Fang Zhongxin, the principal of a middle school, and said coldly: « Principal Fang, am I right? »

« This… » Fang Zhongxin’s expression froze, and he didn’t know how to answer.

Because half of the teaching buildings in Donghai No. 1 Middle School were donated by Li Xiangjian.

From the principal’s perspective, he didn’t think he would favor William Lee.

Seeing that Li Xiangjian was so shameless, Fang Yuan stepped up and threw the half-stretched Davis Star Beast buckle to the ground, and questioned:

« Excuse me, why does this thing appear in the actual combat assessment? Instructor, if the young master of the Dingjian Group has the privilege to bring scientific and technological equipment in the actual combat assessment. Then such an actual combat assessment champion is too dirty, I don’t want it! »