Li Xiangjian picked up the severed Davis Star Beast buckle and held it in front of Fang Yuan, with the aura of a superior on his face, and said, « Want to know what this is? I can tell you. »

As he spoke, he showed the broken Davis Star Beast to Wei Hailong, and then said:

« This thing is called the super war beast buckle E3 type, and it is a scientific research project of star beasts that has invested 70 billion in cooperation between the East China Sea Theater Military Academy of Sciences and Dingjian Technology.

« This scientific research project is expected to change the increasingly critical situation of mankind and completely reverse the threat of the rift star beast to mankind. »

Having said that, Li Xiangjian looked back at Fang Yuan and said with contempt: « In front of this super beast buckle, you are nothing! »

When he said this, the hall was suddenly silent.

Because he raised things too high, he has raised it to a height that affects the future of all mankind.

It seems that whoever dares to violate his will is a sinner who destroys all mankind.

From his words, some key information can be captured.

First of all, this super beast buckle is not a model of Davis Technology.

It should be a joint venture research and development.

Dingjian Technology is responsible for introducing the technology of Davis Super Battle Beast Buckle, and then cooperating with domestic scientific research institutions for further research and development.

This kind of joint research and development project is very common among major countries, and it is not surprising.

If this super beast scientific research project, as he said, can change the destiny of all mankind.

That scientific research project will be recorded in history.

However, it is hard to say whether this super war beast project is so great.

The Davis Group is not the Virgin. If this scientific research project has such potential, why should it be shared with other countries and groups?

In fact, Star Power Technology companies all over the world will hold the most important scientific research technology tightly in their hands.

The projects that are used to cooperate with others are those with mediocre potential or huge cost and not proportional to the benefits.

Since Davis Technology has cooperated with the Super War Beast project, it means that this project is not their core technology.

Of course, the Academy of Military Sciences of the East China Sea Theater cannot be scammed, and it must be willing to cooperate after seeing the benefits.

This kind of cooperation has always been a game.

Judging from the frantic state of the Crystal Armor Liger, this technology is obviously immature.

The East China Sea Theater Military Academys willingness to cooperate may have found a way to break through the technological bottleneck.

Regardless of whether this scientific research project is successful or not, at least for now, it is a technology that has the potential to change the destiny of mankind.

Li Xiangjian held up half of the star beast buckle, stared at Fang Yuan forcefully, and asked, « What are you in the face of this great technology? »

« If this research is successful, then I really can’t compare it. »

When Fang Yuan was halfway talking, he turned his head and said, « But I wondered that the foundation of this technology was researched by Davis Science and Technology, and it is now being researched by the Military Academy of the East China Sea Theater. You are a comprador, and you have half of the technology. Does the dime matter? »

When Li Xiangjian heard these two harsh words, the black suddenly turned black.

He also contributed 30 anger points to Fang Yuan.

There was a fierceness in Li Xiangjian’s eyes, he snorted coldly, flicked his sleeves and turned to look at Wei Hailong, using a threatening tone, and said:

« In this actual combat assessment, if a fair ruling is not made in accordance with the ownership of the battle flag, I will personally call Colonel Qian Wufeng of the Armament Department of the East China Sea Theater. »

Wei Hailong was just a senior noncommissioned officer in the navy, a dozen ranks behind the rank of a colonel.

If it is normal, Wei Hailong is really worried.

However, this time he was not nervous at all. He glanced at Li Xiangjian and officially announced: « This time the actual combat assessment, the champion team is Fang Yuan, Han Youwei, Niu Dazhi, Eve, and Ye Zheyu. Congratulations to these five. Classmates, someone will give the first prize of this actual combat assessment later. Applause everyone! »

Bang bang ……

In the preparation hall, thunderous applause suddenly sounded.

Li Xiangjian’s face was even more ugly. He personally fought for it, but he didn’t even get the first place in the actual combat assessment.

This made him extremely angry.

To the Li family, the E-type Star Force injection that was awarded the first prize in the actual combat assessment was not worth mentioning.

All he cares about is the title of the actual combat assessment champion team.

« You, fine! » Li Xiangjian narrowed his eyes and stared at Wei Hailong.

Wei Hailong glanced at him indifferently, and said: « If anyone has any objections to the results of the actual combat assessment, they can file a reconsideration with the East China Sea Theater Military Assembly. Call the Colonel of the Armament Department, and feel free or directly complain to me. You can. »

« Humph! »

Li Xiangjian snorted angrily, flicked his sleeves and turned, gave Fang Yuan a vicious look, and left the hall with a team of bodyguards.


Next, someone gave the actual combat assessment reward.

All five members of Fang Yuan’s team received an E-type Xingli injection.

The remaining top ten teams also received corresponding rewards.

The beef ball was holding the box containing the E-type Xingli injection, with small stars in his eyes, and said excitedly: « If I sell this injection and replace it with snacks, I can’t eat it for a lifetime. »

The price of this E-type Xingli injection on the market is one million.

If it is a military product, the quality is more leveraged and the price is higher.

When accepting the award, Fang Yuan saw his parents applauding in the crowd, and also saw Wang Hongjun and others.

The actual combat assessment is officially over.

Fang Yuan and his team members waved goodbye, and took Wang Hongjun’s car home with his parents and sister.

On the way.

Fang Yuan always felt that his sister’s sudden appearance in the D3 combat training ground was a bit abrupt, so he asked out loud:

« Uncle Wang, how come you come to watch my game? I haven’t heard from you before. »

« Oh, it was decided temporarily. It’s rare for us old comrades to gather together and meet the old commander of the army by the way. » Wang Hongjun replied casually.

« You didn’t see me at a party before. Why did you bring Xiaozhu this time? »

« Isn’t it because Xiaozhu said he would watch you play. »

Fang Yuan still felt strange, thinking about it and asked, « Who is the old army commander you saw? »

« This… the old army commander is here on business, so let’s not disclose his schedule, so don’t ask, and don’t tell others. » Wang Hongjun explained.

Fang Yuan looked sideways at Comrade Fang, and saw that his expression was a little serious, and he suddenly felt that things were not that simple.

So I asked again: « It’s not your old army commander who let Xiaozhu watch the game, right? »

Wang Hongjun froze for a moment, and said, « Uh, there was a mention on the phone, saying that the children of the old subordinates are promising, let us all come over and take a look. »

The next journey is a bit boring.

Only Fang Xiaozhu was the happiest, fighting with the **** and giggling.

After returning home.

Fang Yuan pulled Lao Fang into the room and asked: « Your expression is not right along the way, is there something wrong with your old army commander? »

Fang Zhenguo frowned for a while before repliing: « This old commander, on the destroyer of the year. »