« The Representative said the guy had only five Werewolves as his main force. If so, we can beat him. »

As the second highest-ranking ‘master’ grade vampire after the Vampire Lord, Chief Choi was confident that he could confront two Werewolves at the same time. Therefore, he was confident of an easy victory.

They moved at the same time and grabbed the three soundproof doors in the auditorium to pry open them simultaneously. Some of the doors were locked, but they tore them off.


The seven vampires entered the auditorium. They found a man standing on the stage.

« Hey! » Chief Choi shouted, walking toward him. The man standing on the stage looked at him and stepped back with an embarrassed look.

Chief Choi laughed openly because the man looked so pitiful.

« Are you lost? »

Noticing him standing next to a goblin skeleton and two Werewolf skeletons, he was the very target he had been looking for. However, the skeletons were much smaller than he expected. Didn’t the Representative say that he had about ten skeletons? Well, it didn’t matter to Choi anyway.

« Where are all the skeletons? Lost them? Did you boil them and make meat because you had nothing to eat? »

The vampires giggled at Choi’s mocking. They approached him arrogantly, like a bully driving a helpless man into a corner.

« Hey, did you clean your neck? I see lots of guys with dirty necks. »

« Dirty neck? What does it matter? Isn’t it salty? »

« Haha! You must be a hardcore vampire. »

Holding their heads high, the vampires closed in on the man. He got more and more scary, which pleased them even more.

« Hey, look at his scared expression! Cute! »

Come to think of it, these vampires were not these kinds of humans. However, after they had their necks bitten by the Representative, they began to wake up to new senses and emotions they had never experienced before. And that was another source of happiness to them. Blood sucking, slaughtering, and violence became their essential needs.

In no time they crossed halfway through the auditorium. They were now close enough to bite the man’s neck within 3 seconds.

« … »

At that moment however, the man’s expression changed furtively. He looked like he was crying at first, then wore a blank expression, and now he smiled at them, walking one step closer to them fearlessly.

« Ugh? »

The vampires clearly felt something strange, but didn’t notice why because there was nothing else for them to judge that the situation had changed. Maybe an ambush or surprise attack?

No way. It was a fat chance for a vampire with developed senses not to notice it.

Then the man commented, « …I thought you would come here. »

« What did you say? »

« Since I came near here, I thought you wouldn’t stand idle. You know, the dog keeping an eye on its bowl is the most sensitive and ferocious. »

When Chief Choi stopped, the other vampires stopped at once.

The man continued, « You still don’t know what my skill is. Good. I thought your Representative might have noticed it, but he didn’t when he possessed the branch manager. »

« …Skill? Are you talking about your ability to control the skeleton shits? It seems there are only three skeletons left. Where did you hide them? »

Saying that provocatively, Chief Choi felt somewhat nervous deep inside.

« It’s a little different. »

« …What?

Chief Choi swallowed unwittingly, then looked at his mouth.

« Well, my skill is not just about controlling the skeletons, but »

At that moment, two messages appeared before Choi’s eyes.

  • Caution! Fellblade begins in your area!
  • Caution! ‘Death Response’ begins in your area!

« In fact, I can use more powerful skills. »

Chief Choi instinctively turned back. Although he didn’t know exactly what was going on, he felt he had to get out of here. At that moment, however, the floor near the entrance turned into black mud, then several arms began to stretch out from the ground.

« Zombies? »

Chief Choi could not express them in any other way. What were obviously animal bodies began to crawl out from the floor. They were a little more eerie than the zombies he used to know. They had blue skin and purple eyes. Namely, they were not from this world.

While Choi and the other vampires were at a loss about what to do, the black smoke rose fast. Now they could not even see an inch in front of them in the auditorium.

« Ugh! What the heck is this! »

« Ahhhhh! »

The vampires became more and more helpless by inhaling the black smoke. They inevitably focused on hearing as their vision and sense of smell were blocked. Then some dreadful and creepy sound echoed everywhere.

Rattle, rattle, rattle.

Regardless of monsters and humans, they always misunderstand they’re numerically superior when they encounter the Necromancer for the first time.

« You guys didn’t know you were surrounded from the beginning, right? » the man shouted.

So, Sungwoo and his friends began hunting the vampires in the dark.

They could be called something like the ‘Undead Unit.’

Actually, the synergy of \u003cSquad Organization (Hidden)\u003e was in effect.

[Synergy list]

3) Squad Organization (Hidden)

-Category: Synergy

-Condition: Commander (Stage 1) Trait: More than 11 normal members

-Effects: Attack Power (+5%), Defense Power (+5%)

Right had the trait of the commander (Stage 2). With Sungwoo’s 30 plus units, the synergy of \u003cPlatoon Organization (Hidden), which was one stage higher, would have been triggered. Unfortunately, the Undead Unit had only 25.

On the other hand, as in the case of dealing with Chief Orc, \u003cThe Resurrected (Stage 2)\u003e synergy effect was triggered. It increased movement speed by 10% when assaulting the living, along with the three ‘Resurrection Confirmed.’

« Oh, I can’t see anything! Everybody, group up! »

« Where are you? Argh! »

The vampires went into a panicked state amid the Fellblade smoke. And they were suffering from all kinds of DOT, such as Fellblade’s Curse of Death, Devil’s Aura’s Weakening Curse and the Demon Blood Stone that ate away their Physical Strength. They were in much worse condition than usual with their vision completely blocked, unable to counterattack. Faced with such an unexpected ambush, the vampires helplessly collapsed.

-You have earned 2,000 by killing a player.

-You have earned 2,000 by killing a player.

There was nothing the vampires could do in this situation.

Standing on the stage, Sungwoo was watching the scene. At that moment, he noticed a vampire hanging onto a wall, so he threw a javelin at the vampire immediately.


« Argh! »

The vampire was not killed on the spot, but when he fell to the floor, he was bitten by three zombies right away.

« Ahhhhhhh! »

-You have earned 2,000 by killing a player.

Come to think of it, the Necromancer fights in a really cheap and shallow way because he not only mobilizes his subordinates en masse, but also casts all kinds of curses at the opponent while he wraps himself with buffs.

« Well, this is how the Necromancer is supposed to fight anyway »

Sungwoo muttered like that and sat on the stage.

When the smoke started to disappear, a terrible scene came into view.

« Ahhhhhhh! »

A Werebear skeleton grabbed the neck of a vampire, squeezed it, and broke his arms.

Then two zombies rushed and bit his neck and thighs, as if asking, « Did you think you’re the only one who likes necks? »

However, it seemed that zombies enjoyed meat more than liquid. Of course, the ten zombies that Sungwoo could summon with « Death Response » were relatively weak because they were disposable. But they did their job excellently when they attacked the vampires with 15 skeletons.

With the addition of zombies to the battle, the vampires got distracted and failed to come up with a coordinated counterattack. Seizing the moment, the Werewolf skeletons charged at them. When they fell to the ground, the members of the Undead Unit immediately killed them mercilessly.

However, Chief Choi was the only one who was responding in one way or another.

Just like a master grade vampire, Choi grabbed the heads of two zombies with both hands and crushed them. Then he turned his head toward Sungwoo, grabbing the zombies in both hands.

Then, Choi yelled at Sungwoo, his face flush in excitement.

« Hey, this is all you have? Bring out more, man! »

« Ugh? You shouldn’t have held them like that, » Sungwoo murmured with a smile.