The Azan Clan warriors were dying by the dozens. On the other hand, the Guild Members don’t even have any visible injuries. Even if the Azan Clan warriors were able to get a hit in, the Guild Members had healers that could quickly heal those injuries.

Knowing that they would lose if this continued Deza needed a way to turn the tide of battle. They couldn’t run away, cause if they did they would become the laughing stock of the whole wolf kin clans. For them, it would be better for the clan to die than become cowards that flee from battle.

Deza then shouted at the top of his voice. « You humans I challenge your strongest warrior to a duel to the death! » Everyone on the battlefield stopped attacking for a moment and looked at Deza.

Deza walked towards the center of the battlefield and so did Raymond and disguisedfox. Raymond had disguisedfox translate for him, and then he gave out his response. « Why should I fight one on one with you? »

When Deza heard Raymond’s reply he frowned. If he had challenge the strongest warrior of another clan, usually they would quickly rise up to the challenge. Yet the human before him didn’t do as he expected. He couldn’t help but look down on humans even more.

« Backing away from a duel don’t you have any pride? »

Raymond was about to respond, with what’s the use of pride if it can’t bring you victory? When he suddenly got a notification.

[New Task: Guild Master’s prestige] [You have been insulted by the enemy leader. Your honor and dignity as a Guild Master are being tested. Show to them the power of the Guild Master.] [Requirement: Allow the opponent to attack you until the opponent has used his strongest move.

Do not allow even a single HP to drop.

Once the opponent finishes using his strongest move. Destroy the opponent with a single attack] [Task Reward: +150,000 EXP, +4 attribute points, +1 SP]

Though the rewards weren’t that good, Raymond was always up for extra SP and Attribute points.

« Fine, I accept your challenge. But what are the stakes? Surely we aren’t fighting just for the fun of it. »

When Deza heard Raymond’s response he felt a bit relieved but he didn’t show it on his face. He then gave Raymond an answer.

« If I win, I want your men to retreat and allow us to fight with the Lobo Clan without your men’s interference. »

« Alright, but If I win I want your clan to become a subordinate clan to the Lobo Clan. » Raymond no longer wanted to annihilate the whole Azan Clan as they don’t really generate much EXP. So if they became a subordinate clan to the Lobo Clan that would become their Allies, that would be more beneficial to the Guild.

When Deza heard Raymond’s demand upon victory he couldn’t help but gnashed his teeth. He had no choice if he doesn’t agree his men would all die.

‘No matter what if I lose we would’ve died, at least he didn’t ask for the cleansing of the Azan Clan.’

« Fine then, I agree. Let the duel begin. » The moment Deza said those words the others distanced themselves from the two.

Deza knew that Raymond was extremely strong since he could kill his men without making known how he did it. Still, Deza also knew that if he allowed Raymond the first strike he might lose momentum. So with his two daggers at hand, he rushed towards Raymond with blinding speed.

Deza did a forward thrust with the dagger on his right hand, Raymond easily evaded by swaying his body a bit. Deza then quickly followed up by slashing horizontally and Raymond simply ducked evading that attack as well.

Deza then followed up with continuous strikes, and the flow of each of his strikes seem like a never-ending torrent. To the ones watching at the side, they think that Deza had the upper hand and all Raymond could do was evade.

« The Clan Leader is winning! »

« Even against that monster, the Clan leader is actually winning. »

« Is the enemy leader stronger than the Guild Master? »

« You guys are blind, the Guild Master is the one with the upper hand, » Clarise commented while watching the battle beside her brother Daniel.

Though Raymond simply continued to evade, each of his movements evaded Deza’s attacks with only a hairbreadths distance. Not only that Raymond all throughout the fight hasn’t moved from his spit. Deza gritted his teeth as he tried attacking faster. Yet despite going faster Raymond could still easily evade his attacks.

Deza quickly backed away and growled at Raymond. Surprisingly he spoke in the human language, though he spoke a bit slowly and it sounded a bit weird it was still understandable.

« Why aren’t you attacking?! Are you looking down on me?! »

« … » Raymond didn’t answer as he couldn’t say it was because he got a quest not to hit him until he was exhausted. When Deza saw Raymond not responding he felt enraged. The human in front of him didn’t even consider him as an opponent that was worth talking to.

Deza then discarded his knives and howled. When the Azan Clan members saw what Deza did they all quickly went further away. Seeing his men were already far away, Deza closed his eyes and howled some more this time louder than before.

Everyone from the Guild including Raymond was confused as to what was happening. Deza then opened his eyes and they were now blood red, his fur that covered his whole body started to stand up like a porcupine. His claws extended a bit and he bared his fangs while going down on all fours.

The tension suddenly grew as Deza’s bloodlust was growing more and more.