As Raymond was confused as to what happened Deza suddenly moved. The speed of his movement was so much greater than before. Even though his movements became more linear, Raymond could barely avoid them. This time Raymond had no leeway to not move from his spot. In fact, he felt that Deza became a bit of a threat to him. Though it doesn’t seem like Deza’s power improved that much, but his speed was a problem. So in response, Raymond finally unsheathed his sword.

Most of the Guild Members were amazed to see Raymond do this. Even while fighting the oni and other monsters, they have never seen Raymond draw his sword. Usually, it would be drawn so fast that the eye could not follow, and then it will go back into the sheath.

Clarise could also feel that Deza was a major threat. Based on what she was seeing Deza would’ve been her equal if she was back in her peak state. In fact, in some respects, Deza was stronger than her. Being a beastkin Deza had superior physical abilities and Clarise could see that in sheer speed alone he was far superior to her.

Though Deza’s increased physical abilities were amazing Raymond who was still able to evade and defend with his sword was equally amazing. If Raymond could keep up with Deza’s speed that would mean in Raymond’s eyes when she first attacked him, she must’ve looked like she was moving like a slow turtle.

‘The fck is this sht! This is a bug, this guy gotta be a cheat!’ Raymond screamed in his mind as he blocked and evaded each of Deza’s attacks. Unlike before he had no leeway to evade with minimum movement. He was even using all the buff skills he had, yet he could barely keep up with Deza’s speed.

Because of the quest, he had no choice at the moment but to deflect and evade the attacks. None of his current defensive skills would allow him to get zero damage when hit. If he could he wanted to use a spell of sorts that could be used for defense like a wall of earth, but unfortunately, all of the mages skills were for attacking.

It was possible that the advance classes of the mage had defensive abilities, but currently, Raymond couldn’t unlock those skills since none of the players who picked the mage class have reached the level required to unlock advanced classes. Even though Raymond could potentially unlock all the class skills, he was unable to unlock the new classes, only the players could do that.

So Raymond was stuck with rather few spells. He did have a spell from the druid class that could ensnare the enemy called [binding vines] but the enemy was too fast for that skill to be effective. So his only choice at the moment was too keep on deflecting and evading hoping that Deza would tire out before he makes a mistake.

Luna who came closer to watch the duel between Raymond and Deza was growing worried. Deza was actually using the wolf kin’s racial ability [Moon Berserker]. This was an ability only the male wolf kin possessed but was only usable during the night of a full moon.

It was an ability that puts the user in a trance-like state which enhances all of his abilities and animal instincts. Aside from only being able to use this skill during a full moon, it had also the demerit of making the user go into a killing frenzy. The user of the ability will be unable to think rationally and will be drowned by feelings of anger and wanting to kill.

He would kill anything in sight no matter if it was an enemy or an ally. The user would fight until the full moon was gone or he dies first. It was a good thing this ability was something the wolf kin could control and activate by will. So they would only use this ability as a last resort when all hope is gone.

It was not that surprising that Deza used the ability in his situation, but what was surprising that he was able to use the ability in the first place during broad daylight.

‘How is he able to use [Moon Berserker] without the moonlight? This is unbelievable, is this really the same ability or is it a new ability or perhaps it’s a secret ability the Azan Clan has? Are all the Azan Clan warriors able to use this ability as well?’

Luna imagined all the remaining Azan Clan warriors using [Moon Berserker]. If that were to happen even with the help of the Guild Eternal they might all die a gruesome death.

‘No, even if they could use it, they won’t, else they would kill each other as well.’ Luna shook her head stopping herself from thinking too deeply about it. She then concentrated on the battle that would decide the fight between the two clans. She could only hope with all her heart that Raymond would win.