Pain –

Raymond couldn’t help but scream in pain, sorrow, and agony. A myriad of emotions started flooding him from the inside. Scenes of his time in this new world flooded his senses. Raymond’s body might not have any injuries but he could feel all the previous injuries he had received.

It was like his skin was burning and his body was being slashed numerous times. The physical pain he was feeling was nothing compared to the mental and emotional pain he was feeling.

Raymond remembered the faces of the bandits that he had killed, the terror in their eyes as death came to them. He had killed another human being. As the horror of that thought was slowly encroaching him, Raymond’s body started to convulse.

After a while, Raymond not only felt fear he also felt extreme sadness. He had left his parents without a word of goodbye. What would happen to them? He was their only child. Would they still be looking for him, even now?

Various emotions were overwhelming Raymond. Not only was their fear, pain, and sadness, but there was also lust, anger, and excitement.

Raymond was actually sexually attracted to Clarise, as his emotions and his libido was also being slightly suppressed he didn’t notice. At first, he thought he was only somewhat attracted to her, but after gaining his emotions and the suppression of his other feelings were released it turns out he was truly attracted to her beauty.

Aside from that Raymond was also feeling anger. He was angry at himself for allowing himself to be controlled like this. He knew that he couldn’t do anything at the moment, and there was nothing in his power that can change things but even so he was still furious. What was even more infuriating was the fact that he was grateful to the system for suppressing and outright removing some of these emotions.

Raymond looked at the floating timer above and saw that only a minute had passed. He needed to endure nine more minutes. For every second he endured the torture to his mind grew even more intense.

« Make it stop, please make it stop! » Raymond screamed as tears were flowing down his face.

The Guild Members who heard their Guild Master’s screaming immediately ran towards him. When they saw their Guild Master on the ground convulsing in pain, they were confused. Roselia tried calming Raymond down, but for some reason, it was as if he couldn’t see or hear her.

Brom was the most confused out of everyone present as this was the first time he has ever seen such raw emotions from the Guild Master. But more than that this was the first time he has seen the Guild Master look so scared. This was the same Guild Master who almost always had a stoic look, whose back seems so strong and powerful that he could carry the very heavens onto his shoulders.

Daniel was also panicking as he thought that Raymond was under some kind of attack. He looked around warily trying to find anyone suspicious.

On the other hand, Clarise found the whole thing bizarre. Based on everything she observed of Raymond in the past few days, she knew that he wasn’t someone to act out like this. Also, he had no reason to, the wolf Kin tribe leader he fought only scratched him. He has no other physical wounds and it doesn’t seem like he had been poisoned.

While the NPCs were confused as to what was happening, the players simply thought that this was part of an event and started to record the whole thing.

Disguisedfox and the others were first and foremost streamers, so they took the time to react to the event, while the others stuck to role-playing and asked Roselia if they could do anything to help.

Raymond continued to writhe in pain, as he cried for help, yet no matter how loud he shouted no one came to help him. He couldn’t see the others, he couldn’t see the Guild Members surrounding him nor how Roselia was trying her best to use the skill [cure] on him.

Raymond’s pain was so much that he had fainted a couple of times now, but every time that happened the system forcefully wakes him up. When the full ten minutes were finally up, Raymond heard a system notification.

« The Penalty has been completed. The system’s function of suppressing the host’s emotions has been enabled. »